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Child Rape in Liberia

The Liberia National Children's Representative Forum formerly the Children Parliament is calling on the Government of Liberia and its partners to fast track rape cases in the country.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday in Monrovia at the Ministry Gender, Children and Social Protection, the speaker of the group, Satta Sheriff said the parliament's attention has been drawn to the recent wave of rape and sexual abuse against children within the last three years.
Quoting a recent report released by the Ministry, Sheriff recounted that 731 children were rape and abuse sexually from January to March of 2016, stressing that the statistics are too alarming and she hopes that it provokes state-actors and policy makers to push further in the interest of children in Liberia.
"We have come to renew our call for the government along with its partners to strengthen effort in ensuring the survivor, development, protection and participation of all Liberian children," Sheriff stressed.
She indicated that the parliament is seriously concern about what they considered as mass atrocities been committed against children in the country, and as such they are demanding justice for those affected.
Recounting some rape and sexual abuse cases against Liberian children, she mentioned the 12-year-old girl Ma Musu Fofana who was raped to death in Moulton Corner, Brewerville, Montserrado County and a three-year old girl who was also raped with stick last year as per the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection's report.

Liberia: Family of 12-Year-Old Rape Victim Horrified, Devastated Wade C. L. Williams 23 JANUARY 2015

Sheriff asserted that the children of Liberia can and will no longer keep silent when the issue of sexual gender-based violence, exploitation and abuse against children are on the increase nowadays in the country.
"These perpetrators against Liberian children violate provisions of the 1990 African Chapter on the rights and welfare of the child (ACRWC) and the 2011 children's law of Liberia," she noted.
According to her, it is an unquestionable reality that Liberian children are at high risk due to the unsafe environments children live within in the country. She continued that the future of Liberian children is endangered as a result of limited support to promote their safety and wellbeing, thus, claiming that children are engaged in prostitution in order to earn some money for survival.
Sheriff stressed that children are also exposed to drugs, school gambling and pornography, something she thinks is seriously hampering the growth and development of children in the country.
Meanwhile, Sheriff added that the government must now began to hunt for all perpetrators through the length and breadth of the country so as to ensure that they pay for their gruesome acts being committed against innocent children.

Liberia: Children Demand Justice in Rape Cases 18 MAY 2016 Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

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