giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Uber drivers accused of 32 rapes and sex attacks in one British city

The taxi app claims its service offers the “safest ride on the road”. But its drivers have been accused of 32 rapes or sexual assaults in London in just one year.

Another four serious sex assaults and eight violent incidents were reported in West Yorkshire over the same period.
The service – which operates in 20 cities across the UK – can offer cheap fares as its prices aren’t regulated in the same way as black cabs.
But the California-baed tech firm has been rocked by a series of sex attack claims in the US and the app was banned in New Delhi, India, after a passenger was raped.
Uber driver Aliriza Kurt, 42, was jailed for 18 months in January for sexually assaulting a woman in Brixton.
The shocking new figures – obtained by the Sun – suggest the problem could be more widespread.
A spokesman for Uber told the Sun: “Drivers who use Uber have undergone the same enhanced criminal record checks as black-cab drivers, teachers and care workers.”

Uber drivers accused of 32 rapes and sex attacks in one British city  David Trayner 

Uber driver accused of sexual assault in China 28 AGOSTO 2015


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