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'Los Porkys' Mexico Gang Rape Case

The father of the victim says his daughter was dragged

into a car in by five men who raped her in Veracruz,


After nearly two years of fighting for justice, a Mexican father is finally seeing results in the case of his teenage daughter, who was raped by a gang of privileged young Mexican men known in the media as “Los Porkys."

Spanish authorities on Saturday arrested Diego Cruz Alonso, one of the Porkys, in Madrid. He is the second of three suspects to be caught since April, when Interpol issued a call for their arrest in 150 nations.

The first suspect arrested was Enrique Capitaine, son of a former mayor, who was captured last month in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila and is now imprisoned in a federal prison in Veracruz, the state where the crime was committed. Now the manhunt is focused on Jorge Cotaita, the third "Porky,” who is still at large.  
Javier Fernandez, the father of the victim, says his daughter Daphne was dragged into a car in by five me who raped her. After the rape the father posted a video online of the accused young men, in which they are all seen apologizing for the crime, admitting they acted “stupidly” and saying they felt bad about what they had done​.
However, after the confession video was released, the teens started denying that they raped Daphne, while their parents started accusing the girl of fabricating the incident. The gang's members are all sons of upper-class businessmen and prominent members of society in Veracruz
The “Porkys” remained unpunished for a long time and even had time to flee, but the case became widely known across Mexico and authorities were compelled to take action due to pressure from social movements and outraged citizens.
So far three arrest warrants have been issued, but the victim’s defense has challenged this decision demanding to bring to justice all five of those alllegedly involved. The men who have been arrested have been charged with pedophilia, since the victim was a minor when the crime occurred. The alleged aggressors are all over 21 years and could face up to 40 years. 

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