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Sex predators in Malaysia using mobile chat apps

PETALING JAYA: One man booked a hotel room for a meet-up, and then was caught on camera saying he has had sexual relationships with girls as young as 13.

This was among the material gathered by The Star's R.AGE journalists who went undercover for these meetings.

Six months before paedophile Richard Huckle made global headlines, the R.AGE team had already started its undercover sting operation against sex predators.
During the period, R.AGE compiled material that included obscene images, inappropriate messages and hidden camera footage of the undercover journalists at work.
Malaysia does not have laws against "sexual grooming", which refers to the process of gaining a child's trust for future sexual exploitation, even though statistics show it has been on the rise.
Mobile chat apps like WeChat and BeeTalk are the main tools for sex predators in Malaysia, based on Bukit Aman's statistics.
Since 2015, a whopping 80 per cent of reported rape cases involved sex predators who started out online.
During a sting, R.AGE confronted one such predator, who was propositioning the undercover journalist on WeChat and sending photos of his penis.
"It's a numbers game," said the 28-year-old postgraduate student who is a self-confessed sex addict.
"On WeChat, you can search for people nearby, and filter them based on gender. After I filter out all the men, I just send messages to as many girls as possible."
The predators then start grooming those who reply to them. They would earn the trust of these children and gradually introduce sex into the conversations.
Another man claimed he is "an expert in massages" and that he had done it on at least two other girls below 15.
The situation has long weighed on Assistant Commissioner Ong Chin Lan, the Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigation Division (D11) assistant principal director.
"If we had grooming laws, the authorities might be able to arrest predators like Huckle early on," said Ong.
"We need to empower our law enforcement agencies."


A number of rape cases have caught our attention in recent days. One of them in particular involves an underage girl in Pulau Tioman.
Since this involves a civil servant, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as Home Minister has the obligation to provide protection to the girl and her family and ensure that the girl is given full legal assistance by Parti Keadilan Rakyat to ensure that she sees justice done.
It is time that the federal government should also act decisively and firmly regarding the increasing number of rape cases. According to the statistics compiled by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), the number of cases has tripled within a span of just 10 years from a total of 1,217 cases in 2000 to 2,998 cases in 2010.
If this continues, it will turn into a rape culture that is aided by the authorities who are supposed to safeguard and protect our young girls from such vulnerability.
For example, we find it hard to believe but it is true that British freelance photographer Richard Huckle from Ashford in Kent has abused up to 200 Malaysian children between the ages of six months and 12 years old from 2006 to 2014. Why did it take the British courts to see that justice is finally being meted against the paedophile?
Such matters should not be tolerated, and it is high time that the federal government should beef up the investigation team to ensure that rape cases are given the priority.

ELIZABETH WONG is the exco member for Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs, Selangor state government.

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