giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Grandmothers ninja against the rapists

1 in 5 rape victims in Kenya is over 60 Elderly women 

have become the latest victims of rape in Nairobi's 


Almost 20% of victims of reported sexual assaults in the capital last year were over sixty, according to Nairobi Women's Hospital. 

But now a group of grandmothers is fighting back. 

Mary Wangui, Korogocho resident (77 years old)

"Men from Korogocho prefer raping elderly women to girls as they think that young girls have AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases. That's why they rape us thinking we don't have any disease, but in the process we end up getting all these sexually transmitted diseases, so this training is extremely important to everyone here."

Dr. Jake Sinclair, Chairman of The Ujamaa Foundation

"The big problem in Africa today is that HIV/AIDS has wiped out the middle generation and these very elderly women and left to care for millions of orphans. So that's our directive, is to empower them through micro-enterprise, through health care, safety and protection, day care centres to be able to take care of the orphans themselves because that's what works. They see their grandmothers empowered, their grandmothers are an example for them and then as those children grow up they go into their grandmothers' businesses and they have employment as well."

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