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Pedophilia & Prostitution: Disney’s Sick Secrets Exposed

Drugs, AIDS, sexual assaults, prostitution, child predators and out-of-control sex — those don't fit the familiar image of the "Happiest Place on Earth," family-friendly Disney World. An extensive Radar Online investigation has revealed the park is a hotbed for booze, prostitution, sex crimes and child predators — secrets Disney bosses are desperate to hide from the world!

Just last April, Disney World security guard Jeffrey Erich Binder, 26, was arrested for soliciting sex from a detective posing as an underage girl online. "Now I gotta tell my work and family that I got arrested for soliciting a 14-year-old for sex," he said. It didn't go over too well with his employer: Walt Disney World placed Binder on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Binder hasn't been the only Disney employee arrested on sex charges. In July 2014, the Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested three Disney employees on sex counts in a shocking child-sex sting.

According to published reports, one of the Disney employees brought condoms with him to a home where he thought he was going to have sex with a 14-year-old. Another of the three workers was not only arrested for attempting to have sex with a minor, he also faced charges for failing to disclose his HIV status to a sex partner.

Disney maintains it has "extensive measures in place" to thwart child predators before they're hired, including background checks and computer monitoring. But at least 42 theme park employees had been arrested on child sex-crime charges since 2006!

"Why do these type of people work at theme parks?" Polk County Sheriff GradyJudd notes. "Because that is where the children are."

In February 2011, a single mom was allegedly attacked by a Disney reservations clerk who lured her with offers of free passes and hotel discounts, authorities say.

In May 2013, a night-time custodian at Disney's Port Orleans resort, who also served as a pastor, was accused of watching child pornography at work — while writing a church sermon. Cedric Eugene Cuthbert, a father of two, was charged with possession of material depicting sexual performance by a child and solicitation of a minor via computer.

Sex runs rampant at the theme park, says Leonard Kinsey, author of the book The Dark Side of Disney. In the book, he describes one of the easiest places for people to have sex there: the companion restrooms. These are designed for parents to go into with too-young-for-adult-restroom kids, but they're also an ideal place to go for sex.

Disney restrooms are notoriously clean, especially these, since not many people use them. Plus, there's a lock on the door and no cameras, assuring you won't get caught. The best of these seem to be at the Epcot park, say insiders, although they can be found at all the venues.

Kinsey also suggests hook-ups with a Disney "cast member" could be easier than one would think. Approximately 8,000 college-age students work at Disney each year, and many live in college dorm-type housing. Insiders say they carry on with booze like college students, too, sometimes even when they're dressed up as children's characters — Goofy, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Author Kinsey also says the famed Disney ride Splash Mountain is known by some as "Flash Mountain," because it's where women take their tops off as they get their picture automatically taken while on the ride!

In Chris Mitchell's memoir, Cast Member Confidential, he reveals the Disney culture he experienced while working at the theme park for nearly a year is far different from the public image the amusement park tries hard to convey. In his book, Mitchell says there are rites of passage to prove you belong. You haven't really arrived until you've joined the SOP club (for Sex On Property) and been to an orgy party in the Disney low-income housing complexes. He says cast members have easy, unlimited access to drugs if they know which cast member is dealing.

In another shocker, just a five-minute drive from the entrance to Disney World, prostitutes walk the street outside tourist hotels. Such jolts aren’t limited to Disney World in Florida. Sources say the park in California — and others all over the world — is also riddled with similar problems.

Pedophilia & Prostitution! Disney’s Sick Secrets Exposed Radar Staff 


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