martedì 5 luglio 2016

Six-year-old girl was raped, strangled

A six-year-old girl was raped, strangled and hidden inside a cooking pot, by a teenager who lived next door in Tamil Nadu's Salem.

The aluminium pot with the body was found in the house of the alleged rapist, a 17-year-old school dropout living with his grandparents. He has been arrested, the police say.

The child, a class 2 student, was on her way back home from a store when she was lured away by the teenager with sweets. He took her to his house and assaulted her, say the police.

He panicked later and strangled the child. The police say he stuffed her body in a large cooking pot and covered it with a lid before placing it in a puja room in his house.

The girl's father, who had been looking for her since Saturday evening, went to the police the next morning and complained that she had been seen by people, walking with the teenager.

When the police went to the boy's home, he allegedly tried to run away.

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