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4 boys gang-raped underage girl

The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office now says only one juvenile arrest has been made in connection to the alleged Fairborn rape.
“The one juvenile has been charged and has been in custody,” said Elizabeth Ellis, of the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office.
Ellis said the arrested male is now 18, but was a juvenile at the time of the incident and is being treated as such. He is charged with two counts rape and two counts sexual battery.
Ellis said the male juvenile was arrested “some time ago because there was concern he would leave the jurisdiction.”
One juvenile, a suspect in the case, has not yet been arrested, Ellis said. Earlier Friday, the office said both juvenile suspects were in custody.
UPDATE @ 11:35 a.m.:
The reported juvenile victim in a Fairborn rape case said she was sexually assaulted and raped, according to records obtained by this news organization.
The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office released the statement of facts on Friday.
The incident involved alcohol, and the juvenile victim told police she had previously declined the group’s request for group sex with her, according to the statement of facts.
Two of the individuals named in the report, Tahryn “TJ” Bailey, 18, and Chance Putnam, 22, are in custody in Greene County Jail, prosecutors said Friday. And while the prosecutor’s office said two male juveniles are also in custody, Fairborn police tell us only one juvenile has been arrested.
We’re working to learn more about this case and will bring you the latest.
UPDATE @ 10:50 a.m.:
Two male juveniles are in custody in connection with the rape of a female minor in Fairborn, according to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office.
The individuals have not yet been named, but we’re working to learn more about the case.
UPDATE @ 11:21 a.m.
The rape of an underage girl in Fairborn has a total of four suspects, according to a police report.
Two of the male suspects are adults, and two male suspects are juveniles.
Tahryn Bailey, 18, is facing two counts of felony rape and two counts of sexual battery.
Chance Putnam, 22, is facing two counts of felony rape, one count of attempted rape and two counts of sexual battery.
Two people have been arrested on rape and sexual battery charges stemming from an incident in April, according to police.
Tahryn Bailey, 18, and Chance Putnam, 22, are both booked into the Greene County for felony rape and felony sexual battery, jail records show.
Fairborn Police arrested the duo Wednesday night and said the arrests are connected and officers plan to release additional information on the case later today.

Court documents released in Fairborn girl’s assault August 19, 2016

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