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Bill Clinton Rape Victim speaking out

Juanita Broaddrick is speaking out nearly 40 years after the alleged assault.

Juanita Broadrick was 35 years old when she claims the then Arkansas Attorney General sexually assaulted her in an Arkansas hotel in 1978.
Currently living in the small town of Van Buren, Arkansas, the retired nursing home operator, now 73, recently told BuzzFeed that Clinton had “no remorse.”
“He acted like it was an everyday occurrence. He was not the least bit apologetic. It was just unreal.”
Before he left the hotel room, Broadrrick said Clinton told her to get ice for her swollen lips.
“I had never known anybody that had been raped,” she said. “I could not imagine anybody that could get in that situation and not get out of it,” Broadrrick said.
Not long after, Broadrrick said she spoke to Clinton’s wife Hillary at a political rally, and the former First Lady shook her hand and thanked her for what she had done for her husband. ”
“To Broaddrick, the gesture felt like a threat to stay silent,” BuzzFeedwrote.
Broadrrick has said Clinton called her before the attack to meet for what she thought was a morning business meeting, as she wanted to volunteer for his 1978 gubernatorial campaign. He arranged for the meeting to be in Broadrrick’s Little Rock hotel room.
She claimed she kept quiet about the assault for over two decades because she did not think anyone would believe her. In 1999, Clinton denied the event ever took place, and has since never been charged.
The alleged rape left a permanent mark on Broaddrick, she told BuzzFeed.
It left a horrible stain on my life,” she claimed.
She went on to say she had to “switch church services because her pastor blessed the president by name,” and that she is “still afraid of enclosed spaces, from the backseats of cars to the last row in an airplane.”
She no longer meets with men alone or in her office, and “credits her 2004 divorce from her second husband” to the former president.

She no longer meets with men alone or in her office, and “credits her 2004 divorce from her second husband” to the former president.

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