martedì 16 agosto 2016

Brit teen raped everyday for 3 years

A BRITISH teen has told of how she was forced  to marry her own cousin at gunpoint before being raped every day for three terrifying years.
Tabassan Khan, who has been given a new name to protect her identity, was 15 and living with her aunt in Doncaster when she was told she was going on a summer holiday to Pakistan.
However, when she was arrived she was forced to marry her older cousin at gunpoint and then held captive by him for three years.
Ms Khan later discovered that the marriage had been arranged so her cousin could claim a visa to come to Britain.
Her father was in prison for murdering her mother when she was just 12 which is why she was living with relatives.
She then bravely battled through the Pakistani courts to be granted a divorce and in 2008 finally returned to the UK.
TEEN RAPE HELL British schoolgirl forced at gunpoint to marry cousin then raped every day for three years JON LOCKETT 14th August 2016

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