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Prolific paedophile Mark Ward may never be released

A child rapist described as a “sexual monster” was told by a top judge: “Nobody will mourn if you die in jail”.
Warped paedophile Mark Anthony Ward may never be realised after a lifetime of grooming, abusing and raping young boys.
The 55-year-old is already in prison for child rape but was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court for a campaign of abuse against another victim, aged seven, in the 1990s.
Judge Steven Everett said: “The only way I can describe you is a sexual monster, with no morals or thoughts of concern for you victims - you had no cares but for your own distorted and sexually deviant desires.”
The court heard Ward, who has multiple convictions for sexually abusing other victims, raped and sexually assaulted the boy on at least seven occasions.
He pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault.
Lee Bonner, prosecuting, told the court that when the abuse took place the victim asked Ward to stop - but was “just ignored”.
Mr Bonner said: “He froze as he did not know what to do.”
Ward, who also has multiple convictions for burglary and robbery, even abused the boy while his own wife was upstairs, shouting down to talk to her husband.
The victim reported being treated as if “he was special,” with Ward buying him gifts including footballs and a bike.
The abuse eventually stopped when the victim’s mother asked why he was quiet and withdrawn, and was told the horrific truth.
The victim described Ward as “sadistic” and said his childhood “had been ripped apart”.
The court heard Ward was already serving an indeterminate 17-year sentence for child rape, meaning he will only be released when a parole board deems it safe.
Judge Everett passed an additional 17 year sentence for the new offences, meaning Ward will start the prison term afresh from today.
Ward was told: “I strongly suspect you will die in prison. I suspect there will be no decent member of the community who will mourn if that happens. Yours is a wasted life that has caused nothing but pain to those who have come across you.”
After passing sentence Judge Everett turned to the victim, sat in the public gallery, and said: “Well, this is not going to give you your life back but I hope it brings you closure.”
The victim replied: “Thank you, he [Ward] is where he belongs.”
Paul Becker, representing Ward, told the court his client wished to apologise to his victim and had undertaken therapy while in prison.

Monster who raped young boys told by judge: 'Nobody will mourn if you die in prison'  JONATHAN HUMPHRIES

Ottawa County authorities arrested a Lake Township man earlier this week following a secret indictment issued on August 3 for multiple rape charges.
The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office say they've arrested 39-year-old Earl Weidner II on two counts of rape against victims under the age of 10 on Monday, Aug. 8. Officials say Weidner arrived at the OCSO thinking he was going to speak with investigators, but was taken into custody an booked into the Ottawa County Jail.
Authorities say Weidner made threats to harm the victims and their families if they were to ever speak about the alleged rape.
According to OCSO, more victims have come forward, one of them stating he will reveal details of the abuse "after he is certain that Mr. Weidner is incarcerated."
Police ask anybody who is or has been associated with Earl Weidner and is concerned about their children to contact the sheriff's office at 419-734-4404, or Lake Township Police Department at 419-666-5500.
Additional charges against Weidner are possible as the investigation continues.
Weidner is being held on $800,000 bond.

Lake Twp. man indicted on multiple rape charges involving children under 10

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