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Child Sex Dolls for Paedophiles 2

SECRET paedophiles are now romping with sick child sex dolls in backstreet brothels, it can be revealed.

Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal twisted perverts are visiting "love hotels” where they are carrying out sex acts on the warped toys.
It’s a paedophile’s paradise where the client can choose a child doll's eye colour, wig, skin tone and costume.
And sick predators can dress the "young gals" and "high schooler" dolls in any costume they desire.
The love hotels – which are "not widely known to the public" – advertise the "feeling is just like flesh-and-blood human beings".

Forest of Doll states: "It has the same skeleton as a girl's.
"The feeling is just like flesh-and-blood human beings."
And the backstreet brothels offer "addictive" depraved sexual encounters that are "never a mistake".
But it is completely legal.
There, clients are encouraged to carry out their wildest fantasies are warned to treat the doll "gently" as it will not take "too much unreasonable posture".
The "luxury sex doll rental" is a 24-hour operation, seven days a week, in Japan.
And each sick doll is given a persona.
One doll is described as a "high schooler", another is described as in a "school swimsuit".
Twisted clients can romp with the young looking dolls for up to five hours at a time, at an hourly rate.
While first-time customers get a discounted price, customers keen to extend their time must fork out extra.
Perverts are reassured there is “strict health management”.
The hotel said: "Customers have the peace of mind that there is strict health management.
"Some clients fear sexually transmitted diseases and germs.
"But we carry out a thorough washing process.
"We use alcohol disinfectant and medical detergent to clean after use."
There is "no limit to visitors” as there are "dozens of love hotels" for paedos to use.
Leading professor in Ethics of Robotics at De Montfort University, in Leicester, Kathleen Richardson, sheds light on the "dangerous" and "disturbing" underworld of seedy child sex doll brothels.
Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, she said: "This is very disturbing.
"Child sex dolls are very dangerous for children.
"Child rape is very intimately tied up with adult pornography."
The expert is running The Campaign Against Sex Robots to petition against the use of cyborgs in the UK.
Ms Richardson added: "Adults use 'legal' pornography to induce children into sexual acts.
"Prostitution has a business in child rape that is sometimes hidden in full sight and sometimes behind the scenes.
"While we live in a world where a person's sexual desire is based on how much they can pay, coerce and control others, we still can't address child rape as a problem.
"Child sex dolls will harm children severely."
This shocking discovery comes after a special Daily Star Online investigation found a haven of secret paedos are shipping the sick dolls to Britain. 
Some of the "lifelike" girls are just 100cm in height, which is the average size of a three or four-year-old tot.

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