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Four men arrested over horrific double murder and gang-rape

The suspects in the gang-rape and double murder case carried out in Haryana's Dingarhedi village. Police are still hunting for others allegedly involved in the crime.

A Special Investigation Team from Haryana Police claimed to have cracked the case, in which half a dozen men battered a couple to death and gang-raped two of their female relatives.

One of the sexual assault victims told police that she and her three cousins were asleep in their house, and her uncle and other family members were sleeping outside when she heard loud screams at around midnight on Wednesday.

Men barged into the dwelling, then tied up the family members and hit them with iron rods and sticks.

Three of them then took turns to rape the woman, who is married, and her 16-year-old cousin. 

The four arrested men were identified as Sandeep, Amarjeet, Karanjeet and Rahul. The first three are from the neighbouring Mohamadpur Ahir village, while Rahul is a native of Bihar. All the accused are aged between 20 and 25

On Sunday, the accused were produced in a district court and were granted seven days' police remand, so officers can interrogate them further and attempt to recover the weapons allegedly involved in the murder-robbery.

Haryana Police came under heavy criticism following the brutal incident, which took place on Wednesday night in a farmhouse just a kilometre from the Maneser Palwal expressway.

The accused used the expressway to flee the crime scene. 

Police said the investigations were still underway and that one or two more people could be involved in the case. A search has been launched for suspects who are on the run. 

“The accused were actively keeping a watch on the spot the next day, probably in anxiety to know about the investigation of the case”, the IGP said.  

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