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Google employee raped, murdered, set on fire

A Sunday jog turned brutal for Google employee Vanessa Marcotte, who was visiting her mother in Princeton, Massachusetts, a wooded community near Worcester. When Marcotte didn’t return home, her family began to worry and called the police. Hours later, the State Police K-9 unit found Marcotte’s body just a half a mile from her mother’s house. Marcotte reportedly was raped, murdered, and set on fire.
Vanessa Marcotte, 27, lived in New York City, and worked as a health care account manager for Google, according to the Boston Globe. Marcotte was a graduate of Boston University and is described as being a key member of her Google team, always smiling, and loved sports. Princeton, Mass. is a small, quiet town, and this crime has the residents of Princeton on edge, wondering if this was just a random crime. Police are asking residents in the area to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.
A law enforcement official briefed on the case, but held some details close to his chest, saying that there are indications that Marcotte’s body was burned and sexually assaulted, but it will be up to the medical examiner to confirm these details. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity, as he did not have an authorization to speak on the crime at this time.

Google put out a statement in response to the news of Marcotte’s death.
“Vanessa Marcotte was a much-loved member of the Google team, working in our New York office for the last year and a half, and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work, and love of Boston sports. We are deeply shocked and saddened, and our thoughts are with her family and friends.”

Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream, says that he hired Vanessa Marcotte right out of college and watched her rise to management in just two years.

The New York Daily News says that the body of Vanessa Marcotte was found in a heavily wooded area last night at approximately 8:20 p.m. in Princeton, Mass., after she had gone out for a run at 1 p.m. Marcotte was missing her clothes and had burns to her hands, feet, and head. Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. spoke briefly on the crime at a press conference.

“We have a horrible set of facts, a horrible set of circumstances right here now. We don’t know if this was a random act. We are asking residents of Princeton and surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution.”

This is said to be the first homicide in Princeton, Mass. in 30 years. No arrests have been made, and no suspects have been identified at this time.

The Daily Mail says that the people of Princeton are being asked to be vigilant and report anything unusual, as if might be able to help in the murder of Vanessa Marcotte. The District Attorney, Joseph Early, Jr. is letting residents of Worcester County know that it’s valid to be worried.

Though the District Attorney would not give specifics on Marcotte’s injuries, as details emerge, they will be horrifying, according to MassLive.

“We have a horrible set of facts, horrible circumstance.”

Police are asking the public to come forward with even the smallest item they may have noticed and contact the Massachusetts State Police.

Condolences to the friends and family of Vanessa Marcotte.


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