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Over 450 minors raped in Delhi this year

According to statistics available at DCW, the commission receives at least two rape cases of minors every day.

Over 450 cases of rape of minors have been recorded by the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) this year so far. “As many as 464 cases of rape of minors have been recorded by the Commission in the last six months, the highest being from Outer Delhi at 136,” a senior DCW official said.
According to statistics available at DCW, the commission receives at least two rape cases of minors every day. “Though we try and ensure that most of the cases reach court but these figures are a matter of concern as the crime rate against women is growing at an alarming rate,” the official added.
The data was released by DCW after its chief Swati Maliwal on Monday visited 7-year-old minor who was raped on Sunday by a 22-year-old man in Ghazipur.
The victim was brutally assaulted, she bled profusely. Delhi is shamelessly rape capital of the world. Even DCW’s request for improving women safety is falling on deaf ears. We appeal to the Centre and State to work together to save women and girls from rape,” Maliwal said in a series of tweets.

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