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Raped 3000 times for 6 years

In a shocking incident, the London Police arrested a pedophile for raping a 10-year-old girl for six years after she left school. 

The girl has revealed how she was raped nearly 3,000 times since then. It has also been reported that she was raped twice a day from the age of ten to sixteen

It is one of the most shocking child abuse cases this country has ever known.

TRAUMATISED Louise Thompson has told how she was raped nearly 3,000 times by the time she left school.
She was sexually attacked TWICE a day from the age of ten to 16.
But it is only now, more than three decades later, that Louise (not her real name) has got justice.

It is one of the most shocking child abuse cases this country has ever known. Paedophile Keith Downend, 61, is now behind bars.
He is serving 19 years for the hideous crimes he committed on Louise and another girl.
A solicitor who worked on Louise’s case estimated that Downend raped her 2,987 times.
Louise, 48, told the Sun on Sunday: “He robbed me of my childhood. I was raped time and time again, often twice a day.
“He threatened me so I wouldn’t tell anybody. He is pure evil, a monster.
“Now he is in prison I can look to the future.”
For years Louise kept her ordeal a secret.
But in 2012, when the historic abuse revelations about celebrity paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall began to emerge, she finally found the courage to go to the police.
Louise, a chef, said: “I’d kept a lid on my box of horrors for years but hearing the similarities was too much. I felt like screaming, ‘That happened to me too!’
“It was the same era, they were men you were supposed to trust.
“When I was little I’d think, ‘I will write to Jim’ll Fix It, he may be able to help me’. How ridiculous. He was pure evil too.”
The abuse started when she was ten at Downend’s house near her family home in Manchester.
She said: “We’d visit and I’d lie on the floor with a colouring book. He’d colour with me.
He would buy me books. I was a kid, I loved getting presents.
“But one day I was sent by my dad to his house to borrow some cash. He said a new book was upstairs. I climbed on to the bed to reach it and he said, ‘Give me a kiss to say thank you’.
Then he raped me.
“When Dad wanted more money a few weeks later I was sent to get it. Downend took me by the hand to the top of the wooden stairs and raped me.
“All I remember thinking was, ‘I am going to fall down these stairs’. I had no idea what was happening to me then.

'I WAS RAPED 3,000 TIMES' Victim tells of horrifying ordeal that saw her raped TWICE A DAY from age of 10 to 16 as her attacker is finally brought to justice 

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