martedì 2 agosto 2016

Rio security guard raped firefighter inside Olympic Park

A Rio security guard has been arrested after raping a firefighter as she slept in the Olympic Park just days before the opening ceremony.
Genival Ferreira Mendes is said to have put his hand under the shirt of the woman at 4.30am on Sunday.
The woman, described as a civilian firefighter in the local media, had been sleeping in temporary accommodation in the velodrome, which will host its first race in less than two weeks.
Mendes, who was employed as a supervisor by Gocil, was arrested at the scene, and charged with having 'sexual intercourse' with a vulnerable person.
A police report noted that 'Genival Ferreira Mendes was booked in flagrante by crime under Article 217 bis, paragraph one of the Penal Code'. 
If found guilty, faces as long as 15 years behind bars. 
It is not known what checks Gocil carried out before employing Mendes, who is due before a judge later today. 
Brazilian newspaper Globo has shared pictures of the guard posing with guns from his Facebook page, revealing that he is from Sao Paolo.
However, a spokesman for Rio 2016 has distanced itself from the incident.
The spokesman told UOL: 'The Committee rejects any violence and disrespect. The case was registered in police station to which, if proven, appropriate penalties in accordance with Brazilian laws are applied. 
'The Committee notes that all outsourced employees are instructed to follow the code of conduct Rio 2016, which preaches a professional conduct.' 
This is the latest in a series of incidents to blight the start of the Games, including the collapses of the main launch ramp for sailing on Saturday, and a body being found in the polluted waters off the coast.
Police officers and firefighters have also taken to the streets ahead of the Games to protest after not being paid properly, claiming the city will not be safe during the two-week competition.
There are also concerns over whether or not all the competitors accommodation will be ready in time. 

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