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Sweden, Muslim Refugees Gang Rape Two Girls

The year is 2016, and the terms “rape” and “refugee” have become synonymous. No, really. Wherever Syrian migrants go, rape tends to follow (see #RefugeesWelcome: UK Arrests 900 Syrians For Rape and Child Abuse…). This sexual assault case takes us to Sweden, where two young girls were gang-raped by a couple of, you guessed it, refugees.
According to documents from the court… At least two girls have been subjected to gang rape [by] four refugees… [Who] state they are between 15 and 17 years old. One of the rapists previously convicted for threatening to kill employees at HVB homes.
The men have been arrested on suspicion of abuse but are now released because of their allegedly low age. There have been four detainees where arrests have been lifted, says [the] chief prosecutor.
Yeah, my bet is that those migrant “teenagers”? Totally not teenagers (see Want Asylum in Sweden? Easy. Just Lie About Your Age…). Not that it really matters. Rapists are despicable slimebuckets whether they’re 14 or 40. It doesn’t make much of a difference besides upping the gross factor.
Still, these abominations used their “age” to get off the hook. Sounds a tad like rape culture, doesn’t it?
Here’s the sucky thing – these refugees are granted asylum and special protection simply because they’re refugees. They’re qualified for special treatment because they’re in need. But as it turns out, they’re also lying, violent, rapey dirtbags. Seriously, how many more rapesbeheadingstruckings,bombings, and shootings until Europe starts to understand? 
And hey, what about Swedish people? These two girls? Given the choice, would likely have opted for not being raped. Even if that meant closing the borders to refugees who “need protection.” Swedish children need protection. Their bleeding heart government is failing to provide them with said protection. Sweden authorities chose to instead expose their citizens to burka-clad ticking time bombs.

Oh, and the whole rape thing? Swedish officials suggest wearing a do-not-molest-me bracelet and hoping for the best. Guess these gals didn’t get the memo.

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