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The Pedophile vigilante

April 04, 2016: A UK paedophile has fainted on camera after being confronted by a vigilante group who lured him in by pretending to be a 14-year-old girl online.

A Queensland teenage boy has taken it upon himself to become a vigilante targeting pedophiles.

Henry Coy, 18, poses as a 14-year-old girl online and engages with potential pedophiles looking to have sex with juveniles.

After setting up a meeting place, Mr Coy then films himself confronting the purported sex predators.

"What are you doing meeting with a 14-year-old, bro?" Mr Coy says to a man he had organised to meet in a shopping centre car park.

"Seriously bro, what are you doing?"

A Queensland teenager claims he's a "paedophile vigilante", tracking down and catching out men who try to prey on young girls.

The self-styled creep catcher said reading the messages he receives from pedophiles "makes me feel sick".

"Just reading them makes me angry," he told Nine.

"I'm going to catch anyone I can. If you're looking for a young girl, it's probably me."

A video he filmed showing him confronting a would-be pedophile is now in the hands of Queensland Police.

Police have reiterated it is their job to catch sex predators, and vigilantes should not involve themselves.

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