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Uber driver raped three women in Boynton Beach

Xolani Mtsitsha of Boca Raton faces sexual assault charges involving three women that police say were passengers in the former Uber driver's car. (Photo courtesy of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)
An Uber driver accused of raping three women in his car told police two of them offered sex in exchange for a ride.
Xolani Mtsitsha, 36, of Boca Raton, was arrested Thursday after his accusers identified him in a photo lineup. He is facing sexual battery charges.
All three incidents happened in the same location — an industrial area along Corporate Drive in Boynton Beach — and the women gave similar suspect and vehicle descriptions, Boynton Beach police said.
The incidents happened this January, June and July.

According to a police report, one woman was picked up from West Palm Beach and refused to have sex with Mtsitsha without a condom.  He started driving toward I-95 North to take her back, but then turned around, returned to the same industrial area and raped her, the report said.
Another woman was trying to get to a homeless shelter along Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton when Mtsitsha offered her a ride, the police report said.
Instead, he took her to the industrial area in Boynton Beach. When they arrived, she realized she was in danger and began to cry, the report said. The man held her face down and raped her before dropping her off around Clint Moore Road, the report said.
The woman told investigators that the man kept saying, "You're making me mad, you don't want to get me mad."
Investigators were able to track down Mtsitsha after a woman raped in July fled and was able to get the license plate number from the suspect's car.
Investigators executed a search warrant, getting a DNA sample, cellphone records and Mtsitsha's silver Chevy Sonic as evidence.
Before his arrest, he told investigators that the woman he met in June had offered oral sex in exchange for a ride. He also claimed that the woman he gave a private ride to in July didn't have money and offered sex as payment.
Boynton Beach investigators think there could be other victims and ask anyone with information to call Detective Raymond Lagor at 561-742- 6144 or Crime Stoppers ofPalm Beach County at 800-458-8477.
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