mercoledì 10 agosto 2016

Ukrainian troops raped underage girls, filmed it on phones

‘The mobile phones of commanders of the Tornado volunteer unit, which fought for Kiev in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, contained footage of rape of underage girls, Ukrainian MP, Tatyana Chronovol, has said.
“When the Tornado commanders were detained, their mobile phones were seized. There was some scary footage on those phones… footage of sex orgies and rape,” Chronovol said in an interview with Ukrainian broadcaster 112.
There were even babies. As I understand the baby’s mother was forced to do this under the threat of death of her child,” the Verkhovna Rada deputy stressed.’

Ukrainian volunteer unit troops raped underage girls, filmed it on phones – MP  DAVID 

Blind Dalit girl raped by army jawan in Mathura, accused arrested 
  • Hemendra Chaturvedi
  •  Aug 08, 2016
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