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6-year-old girl in trauma after rape

A six-year-old girl, who was raped by a 15-year-old boy last month, is psychologically distressed and in a state of shock, said Osmanabad District Collector Prashant Narnavare. The girl was admitted to a government hospital in Tuljapur taluka last week and is ‘recovering’ , said the district officials.
Doctors said she suffered from infections. Her parents said she was scared of talking to strangers and remains aloof all the time.
Narnavare said the girl was in a state of ‘shock’ when she was admitted to the hospital. “We have extended all the possible medical assistance to the girl,” said Narnavare. The boy has been sent to a remand home.
The collector said, as immediate medical relief, they have sanctioned Rs 42,000 to the victim’s family under the ‘Manodhairya Yojana’ of the state government. The scheme involves providing financial, medical and legal aid, for rehabilitation and counselling to victims of rape and child abuse.
Speaking to The Indian Express, the girl’s mother said she and her husband were daily wage workers and have two children. “Both of us had gone to work on that day. My daughter had just come from school around 12 noon when the 15-year-old boy staying in our neighbourhood took her to his house and committed the heinous act.”
The woman said boy used to often come to their house as he was a neighbour. “Several times he used to have food with us…we never thought an acquaintance would behave like this..,” she said.
The mother said, after the incident, their daughter was in deep shock. “She used to get up in the middle of the night and stare. When asked she used to stay silent and after much prodding, complain of uneasiness. After the incident, she has become aloof and speaks rarely. Before the incident, she used to play a lot and loved interacting, but now she hardly mingles with anyone,” the mother said.
The District Collector said the administration will also take the educational responsibility of the child.

In Osmanabad, 6-year-old in trauma after rape Express News Service Osmababad/pune September 7, 2016

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