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A cruel paedophile who raped one girl when she was very young and abused and beat another has been jailed for 10 years.
Clifford Rea escaped justice for decades but finally confessed his sick lust for children when being treated for depression in 2014.
The 71-year-old former soldier, of Penshurst Road, Bidborough, Tunbridge Wells, told doctors and other professionals: “I am scared what people think about me. I have overstepped the mark.
Young ladies aren’t safe where I am - from babies to two-years-old, to grown ups. This is because I sexually assault them.”
Maidstone Crown Court heard he went on to reveal details of abuse and added: “I want to face up to what I have done.”
In July, Rea, a handyman and gardener, admitted five offences of rape and one of indecent assault of one victim and two of indecent assault of the other victim.
His lawyer Crispian Cartwright said of the offences when the married father appeared for sentence: “It is like gazing at an open wound. It is distressing for everyone.”
The abuse stretched back to 1961 and continued for some time. The victim Rea raped told police she could still feel the pain now.
Prosecutor Deborah Charles said Rea told the girl it was “our secret” after raping her. “She didn’t know what was going on at her tender age,” she said.
He raped the girl on one occasion when he was home on leave from the Army. He also made her perform a sex act on him.
After Rea’s confessions at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, the other victim told of sexual assaults and violence at his hands.
“She described beatings with objects - canes, slippers and his belt,” said Miss Charles. “They caused bruises.”
Rea made threats to stop her telling anybody, so she remained silent.
“Given her age, she thought this behaviour was normal,” said Miss Charles. “It was only when she was older it dawned on her this was wholly inappropriate.
“She told police he showed her his pornography collection.”
Judge Philip St John-Stevens said during sentencing Rea’s crimes started in the early 60s and continued into the early 80s and one of his victims was as under five when she was raped by Rea.
Judge St John-Stevens said: “You told one victim it was your little secret to cover up what was happening.
“These sexual offences happened over a significant period of time.
“You made certain revelations to doctors and show remorse for what’s happened in the past.
“I sentence you to a term of imprisonment as there can be no other option because of the seriousness of the offences.
“Your victims have lived with these crimes for many years and they (the crimes) were deeply abhorrent, cold and calculated.
“You manipulated your victims to maintaining their silence, but they are now set free from this secret and have had the courage to support this prosecution.”
Rea was jailed for 10 years for the rape offences and three years four months for the indecent assaults, but both sentences will run concurrently.
Judge St John-Stevens also placed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) on Rea banning him from having contact with young women under the age of 16.
The order lasts until further notice.
After sentencing, investigating officer Detective Constable Naomi Moore described the case as "extremely distressing".
She continued: "I would like to commend the victims in their bravery.
"Kent Police will always take reports of sexual crime seriously, no matter how historic, and I would encourage anyone who may have been subject to such behaviour to get in touch with us and to feel confident that any reports will be taken seriously and dealt with in a sensitive manner."

Rapist Clifford Rea, from Tunbridge Wells, jailed for abusing children in Sittingbourne 13 September 2016 Lynn Cox

PORT ANGELES — Steven Chester Pope was sentenced Monday to more than 23 years in state prison for multiple counts of child rape and molestation.
The 58-year-old Port Angeles man pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape and single counts of second- and third-degree child molestation for crimes that occurred over seven years.
Clallam County Superior Court Judge Brian Coughenour sentenced Pope to 280 months — the top end of the standard range — and a life of community custody.
The sentence is equal to 23 years and four months.
“The court sees this as clearly a case where there is an ongoing pattern of sexual abuse that occurred over a long period of time toward children clearly under 18,” Coughenour said.
“This is a case where I think the high end of the range is what should be imposed based on the long sexual abuse of two young children.”
Each count contained a special allegation for an ongoing pattern of sexual abuse.

Port Angeles man gets 280 months for child rape, molestation 
  • Sep 13th, 2016
  • Close-mouthed and emotionless, Hector Rico left Schuylkill County Court on Monday on his way to at least two dozen years behind state prison bars for raping a preteen girl four timesimpregnating her once — in one school year in Shenandoah.
    Rico, 34, of Shenandoah, must serve 24 to 48 years in a state correctional institution, plus another five years on probation, and the subject to lifetime Megan’s Law sanctions, Judge Jacqueline L. Russell decided.
    You victimized her repeatedly. I haven’t seen any remorse,” Russell said before imposing her sentence, which also requires Rico to pay costs, $50 to the Criminal Justice Enhancement Account and $2,199.52 restitution to the district attorney’s office, have no contact with the victim and submit a DNA sample to law enforcement authorities.
    Even though the state Sexual Offenders Assessment Board decided Rico is not a sexually violent predator — and prosecutors chose not to contest that finding — Russell still imposed lifetime Megan’s Law sanctions on the defendant due to the seriousness of his crimes. She accepted the board’s recommendation and ruled Rico is not a sexually violent predator.
    Rico, who did not testify or offer any other evidence during his trial, did the same at Monday’s hearing, going so far as refusing to sign the form acknowledging he had reviewed the Megan’s Law sanctions. Assistant Public Defender Kent D. Watkins, Rico’s lawyer, and an interpreter had to sign and initial the form.
    After a two-day trial, a jury deliberated less than 30 minutes before convicting Rico on June 10 of four counts each of rape of a child and another sex-related crime and one each of corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children.
    Shenandoah police charged Rico with raping the girl at her borough residence at least four times when she was 11 and 12 years old during the 2014-15 school year. The girl became pregnant as the result of one of the rapes, and scientific evidence showed Rico is the baby’s father, prosecutors said.
    Russell said the trial testimony upset most people who listened to it, but not the defendant, who sat through Monday’s hearing wearing a prison jumpsuit, handcuffs and a belt.
    “Your conduct caused untold hardship,” she told Rico, who never changed expression during the one-hour hearing. “It’s one of the few cases I ever saw that numerous men on the jury were actually crying.”
    Assistant District Attorney Debra A. Smith said the crime never really will end for the victim, who did not attend Monday’s hearing.
    “He’s caused this child to carry a child. She is forever going to be scarred,” Smith said.
    Nothing’s going to take away the trauma for this child,” she said.

    Child rapist to spend decades in prison PETER E. BORTNER / SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

    A former Ferrari-driving Dymchurch property tycoon has been convicted of sexually abusing a child 40 years ago.

    But we can reveal that in 2005, John Stageman walked free from a court on similar charges - after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all the charges.

    A jury at Maidstone Crown Court had ruled he was unfit to stand trial because of his mental and physical state and he was formally acquitted.

    But seven years later, a victim – who was first abused when she was just a child – told how she had been raped in the 1970s by the evil predator.
    But before police could quiz him, Stageman – who owned property in four counties – fled to Thailand and refused to return to the UK.
    For three years – as prosecution lawyers attempted to get him extradited – the pervert stayed in a country where Gary Glitter and other paedophiles have sought refuge.
    It was only when his visa ran out the Thai authorities threw him out and he was arrested when he landed back in the UK.
    Now his victim has finally received justice after courageously coming forward to give evidence against the vile sex offender.
    Stageman – who ran a gift arcade and a Bed and Breakfast hotel in the 1970s and 80s – is now facing a long jail sentence after the jury convicted him of rape and indecent assault.
    His tragic victim revealed while giving evidence at Canterbury Crown Court how she was also raped by him after moving to the West Country.

    In 2005 – before his victim had reported her ordeal  and when the businessman was 62 - he and his wife Lynne, then 57, a parish councillor had both had faced sex charges.
    The charges were then dropped when it was ruled the businessman wasn’t fit to stand trial and no evidence was offered against Mrs Stageman.
    Stageman had first been arrested in January 2000 and there had been 16 occasions between March and Aug 2001 when the case was listed for trial.
    On August 17 2001, the prosecution issued a discontinuing notice against the couple who were then living in Newton Abbot.
    But in March 2002 he was arrested again and there were 12 more hearings when Stagemen failed to appear after providing psychiatric, medical and cardiologists’ reports.
    In April Stageman’s lawyers applied to the Attorney General to have the prosecution halted  and in March the following year they mounted an abuse of process case.
    Then the Crown Prosecution Service decided to offer no evidence...and Stageman walked free.
    But seven  years later, a woman contacted police and made an allegation she had been abused and raped...and after a two week trial, the jury believed her.
    Stageman was remanded in custody and told by Judge Heather Norton to expect a long jail sentence. 
    The jury heard many upsetting details from the victim as she was forced to re-live her prolonged ordeals.
    But none more heartbreaking when she told how she had became pregnant not knowing if the vile rapist was the potential father.
    She told how she was trying for a baby with her husband when she was sexually attacked.
    In a video recorded by police and played to the jury, she revealed she became pregnant not knowing whether the father was her husband...or the rapist.
    Tragically the mother suffered a miscarriage, later telling officers: “I’ve always worried, ‘cos I didn’t know whether my husband or Stageman was the father.
    “I had no proof. I could never tell anybody. It’s stuck with me. I’ve always blamed myself.”
    She added that before one of the rapes she had begged Stageman to leave her alone.
     “I said... I’m trying for a baby. I said you are not touching me now because this is when I’m supposed to get pregnant.
    “And he went: ‘Oh you’ve got no worries about getting pregnant from me. I’m not going to make you pregnant, I’ve had a vasectomy.’
    “I said: “Well I don’t care if you’ve had a vasectomy, how am I supposed to prove something like that? He said: “Ask Lynne (his wife)”
    “I said: “Oh you’re talking rubbish, get out of my flat, leave me alone. What you did before, you’ve done, just leave me alone now.”
    She then revealed how Stageman grabbed her and hit her across the face, or grabbed her hair telling her: ‘You’re not telling me what I can and can’t do.”
    After an incident in his car he stopped the car and tried grabbing and kissing her.”
    As he raped her again and she fought furiously to escape, he told her: “You can shout all you want, nobody’s going to believe you. There’s nobody here to hear you.”
    But eventually the jury heard her voice from the witness box.

    Rapist John Stageman of Dymchurch convicted of sexually abusing child Paul Hooper 12 September 2016

    A 26-year-old man was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for rape in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

    LIMPOPO – According to police reports the suspect raped a 13-year-old girl in her parents house in Tshino Village in the Vuwani Policing Area in August 2015.
    “He forced open the window at the victim’s parents house at around 02:00… he threatened her with a knife, switched off the lights and raped her,” provincial police spokesperson, Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe said.
    “The suspect was sentenced to 20 years without chance of bail. This sentence will serve as a deterrent to all the criminals especially rapists that crime does not pay,” concludes Ngoepe.

    Lim court sentences child rapist to 20 years in prison Sept 14 2016

    A 20-year-old man who defiled three children in a church was on Wednesday sentenced to 100 years in prison.
    Harrison Kinyua was convicted by Embu Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Nyakundi for defiling the schoolgirls, one aged 10 and the others 13.
    He was sentenced to 30 years each for two of the girls and 40 for the other.
    Kinyua committed the offence in a church compound at Kangaru Village in Embu County on December 10 last year.
    During the trial, the court heard how Kinyua cornered the girls when they returned some chairs that had been borrowed from the church for a funeral. He locked the gate and church doors and defiled them.
    Kinyua then gave each girl Sh20 to buy chips at a nearby market.
    Their parents, however, discovered what had happened and reported the matter to the police.
    In his ruling, Mr Gicheru said the evidence proved without any doubt that Kinyua committed the crime. He said the offence was a serious one and that the sentence should serve as a deterrent to others.

    Kansas City Police failed to investigate child sex, abuse cases, documents reveal SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

    Operation Undertow: 22 pedophiles arrested in Florida 17 settembre 2016

    Operation Malaise: tech-savvy pedophile network 16 settembre 2016

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