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After spending 24 years in prison for killing someone with a machete, it took Kenneth Charles Lewis only a couple years out on parole to rape a 14-year-old Acworth girl.
A Cobb County judge sentenced Lewis, 55, to three life sentences plus 20 years Wednesday.
A jury convicted Lewis of rape, two counts of aggravated sodomy and child molestation, according to the Cobb district attorney's office.
Lewis started his murder stint in January 1984 for the Cherokee County crime.
He was paroled in October 2008. The sexual assault began in 2011 and went on until 2013.
The rape victim testified at trial this week that Lewis said he'd "chopped someone’s head off," which the girl took as a threat, the DA's office said. In 1983, Lewis was charged with murder and armed robbery after the body of a 23-year-old Cobb man was found cut up by a machete in a wooded area just north of the county line, according to news reports at the time.
Acworth police found out about the rape when the teen told her mother in 2014.
Lewis testified for more than an hour Wednesday, insisting the girl was lying.
But prosecutor Hannah Palmquist had something to tell jurors about that her closing argument: "The defendant got on that stand and tried to manipulate you the same way that he manipulated his victim. He got up there and charmed you. He got you to like him and to trust him. He got you to drop your guard. That is a predator. That is a wolf in sheep’s clothing."
"In a sense you committed murder one more time because you destroyed the life of a child. These are wounds that this young girl will bear for life,” Cobb Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster told Lewis. “The best I can do for this girl is to make sure that the State of Georgia does not give you another chance. I hope the Department of Corrections reads my sentence that you are not to spend one day of the rest of your natural life outside of custody."

Murderer. Parolee. Now, a Cobb County rapist. Sept. 22, 2016

OLEAN, N.Y. -- An Olean man who admitted to raping a minor two years ago has pleaded guilty to new rape charges.
Benjamin Bloomfield, 39, pleaded guilty to rape, assault and obstructing governmental administration in Cattaraugus County Court. Investigators say he forced someone to have sexual contact around Valentine's Day this year in Olean.
Back in March, Bloomfield admitted to having sexual intercourse with a minor between June and Sept. 2014. He's set to be sentenced on the latest charges next month. 

Olean Man Who Admitted Raping Minor Pleads Guilty to New Rape Charges TWC News Web Staff September 20, 2016 

A twisted child rapist who subjected a younger boy to two years of rapes and sexual abuse also allegedly performed a sex act on his victim's pet dog.
Earlier this week Anthony Martin, 28, of West End in Redruth, was jailed at Truro Crown Court for seven years for two historic counts of child rape, four counts of indecency with a child and four indecent assaults on the younger male.
Last month a jury took less than an hour to convict Martin of the crimes.
The victim Robert Bown has welcomed the sentence and also revealed that the "vile monster" even performed a sex act on his pet Labrador Megsie during a trip to Guildford, where Martin lived at the time before he too moved to Cornwall.

NANTUCKET, Mass. —A former Nantucket man who raped a child has been sentenced to a year in jail under a plea deal that even his own lawyer called "unquestionably lenient."

Hadi Nabulsi was sentenced Tuesday to 2½ years in jail with one year to serve and the balance suspended for five years. He pleaded guilty to child rape and indecent assault and battery on a child.

Prosecutors say the 3-year-old girl was raped in 2015.

Nabulsi's attorney tells The Boston Globe the sentence was justified because of the difficulty prosecutors would have had in getting a conviction.

Prosecutors didn't comment on the sentence. But they tell the Cape Cod Times that many factors are weighed in reaching a plea deal, including the traumatic impact of a trial on the victim.

Ex-Nantucket man gets year in jail for raping child Sep 21, 2016

A Derbyshire man who raped and molested a young girl has had his "too soft" jail term increased by top judges.
Steven Robert Cook gave his victim sweets and threatened her before preying on her. The 40-year-old, of Ockbrook, was jailed for five-and-a-half years at Derby Crown Court in May after admitting rape and sexual assault of a child under 13.
But on Tuesday his sentence was upped to seven-and-a-half years by judges sitting at the Court of Appeal in London who said the original term was far too lenient.
The court was told that Cook was suffering depression at the time of the offences, having suffered a bereavement. He had also been the victim of a serious crime and was drinking heavily.
They argued that the judge at Derby Crown Court gave too much weight to Cook's personal circumstances when sentencing him and did not take enough account of the traumatic impact on his victim.
Lord Justice Davis said that, despite Cook's tragic personal life and the "very brief" nature of the offences, his punishment was "unduly lenient".
Sitting with Mrs Justice Carr and Mrs Justice Patterson, he added: "In our view, and giving credit for the guilty plea, a total sentence of seven-and-half years was appropriate."

"The impact on victims of sexual offending cannot be underestimated and it is essential these crimes are appropriately punished."
Child rapist Steven Cook from Derbyshire ordered to serve longer in jail Martin_Naylor  September 21, 2016

The Larnaca Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced a 47-year-old man to 10 years in prison for raping an underage girl while living with her mother around six years ago.
The defendant, of Greek origin, was jailed for rape, corrupting a young woman between the age of 13 and 17, and sexual exploitation of a child.
According to a court statement, the offences took place in the Larnaca district between 2010 and 2011, while the defendant lived with the mother of the girl, who was 15 at the time.
“In the case in question, the defendant’s actions have caused revulsion and disgust of the highest degree,” the court said.
Exploiting the ability of contact with the plaintiff, living with her as her mother’s partner, and abusing the position of influence he held over the child, who had never met her father and for that reason she initially perceived his actions as paternal, for around eight months he engaged in “behaviour that reduced him to a lower level than a human being,” the court said.
He did not hesitate to exploit the plaintiff, 15, sexually, initially harassing her and eventually raping her, using her as an object for satisfying his sexual appetite.”
“As the partner of the complainant’s mother, and assuming the role of father, instead of becoming her guardian, he exploited her to satisfy his sexual instincts,” the court said.
The court stressed that “those who rape and sexually exploit underage children will face the strictness of the court.”

Ten years jail for child rapist SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2016 GEORGE PSYLLIDES

MARIETTA, GA — A Marietta man has been sentenced to two life sentences for sexually assaulting two little girls.
Marco Tormorris Thompson, 39, was convicted last week of three counts of aggravated child molestation, two counts of aggravated sodomy, and one count each of child molestation and aggravated sexual battery.
Between 2009 and 2010, Thompson sexually assaulted two girls beginning when each was six years old. The abuse against one child continued until she was eight years old. Many of the assaults occurred in a Jamestowne Drive home in Powder Springs, and police learned about them when one victim wrote a note about the assaults and gave it to an adult.
This defendant preyed on these innocent girls and took advantage when he was alone with them. He stole their childhoods and forever altered their lives,” said ADA Lindsay Gardner. “He simply does not deserve to be a free man ever again.”
Thompson argued with Cobb Superior Court Judge Ann Harris before she imposed sentence, insisting he did not assault the children.

Accused rapist, 12, allowed to go on family holiday SARAH CRAWFORD, The Daily Telegraph September 22, 2016 

Pune child rapist sentenced to death September 23, 2016

Child rapist, killer sentenced to death 23 settembre 2016

Rapist killer of 10-year-old come out of prison 20 settembre 2016

10-yr-old girl raped, murdered in Rampur 9 settembre 2016

80-90% accused in sex crimes cases go free 11 settembre 2016

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