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Delhi’s ex-women’s minister arrested on rape charges

The former women’s minister of the Indian capital — who was sacked over a “sex tape” — has now been arrested following a claim by a woman shown on the tape that he raped her.
Sandeep Kumar was arrested on Saturday, days after he was dismissed as women’s and children’s minister of the region covering Delhi following the video leak to television channels which showed him kissing two women.
“He was arrested on a complaint filed by one of the women seen in the video. She has alleged Kumar raped her. The investigations have just started,” Vikramjit Singh, deputy police commissioner of Delhi, told media.
The married woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said in her complaint to police that Kumar spiked her drink with sedatives before sexually assaulting her last year at his residence, the officer said.
She alleged the minister had promised her a job and help in securing a government benefits card.
Singh said the second woman seen in the video has yet to be identified and efforts are being made to contact her for her testimony.
The nine-minute video was sent late Wednesday to a local news channel and to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who immediately sacked him from his cabinet.
Only snippets of the “sex tape” were aired on the channel, showing Kumar on a bed wearing only shorts and kissing one of the women. A set of photographs allegedly shows him kissing another woman.
Local media reports say portions of the video show Kumar having sex with one of the women.
Kumar, a married father of one, has denied the allegations. He says the tape was fabricated and a political conspiracy to tarnish his image.
Delhi’s ruling Aam Admi Party (AAP) led by anti-corruption campaigner Kejriwal, routed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP in last year’s elections in the capital. But it has been hit by a series of controversies involving its legislators.
Thirteen of its legislators have been charged with various crimes including rape, attempted murder and corruption since winning the elections in February 2015.
A former minister has been arrested for allegedly faking his law degree last year and another was held on corruption charges.

Delhi’s ex-women’s minister arrested on rape charges Sept 04 2016

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