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"Disneyland for pedophiles"

Former NHL star Theo Fleury called Canada the “Disneyland for pedophiles” following the decision to grant full parole to convicted sex offender and former hockey coach Graham James.

The National Parole Board handed down its decision Thursday after a hearing at a federal penitentiary in Laval.
Fleury was one of the players James abused while coaching the Swift Current Broncos of the Western Hockey League in the late 1980s and 1990s.
Fleury and his cousin, Todd Holt, and former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy are among six former players James has been convicted of sexually assaulting.
On his website, Fleury issued a scathing press release that said Graham’s former victims are being “re-victimized.”
“As the news came in today that a repeat offender was granted full parole, we are again asking questions as to how this is possible? I say again, ‘Canada is the Disneyland for pedophiles,'” Fleury’s statement said.
“At this point we as the one in four who experience sexual abuse in our lifetime are left to once again be re-victimized by the system, media included.
“With this judgment we are now as always to continue to focus on the path of healing and forgiveness. If you are looking for closure from the justice system, this in many cases will never happen.”
Kennedy told CBC News that he does not believe James has been rehabilitated.
“I do not believe that he’s changed. I believe that he will reoffend,” Kennedy said.
Kennedy also tweeted: “Full parole for pedophile #GrahamJames. My thoughts are with his victims that struggle every day … and all the victims.”
Canadian hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser also added her comments on Twitter saying: “This is disgusting! Our justice system has to do better.”
Although Fleury said he was not granting media interviews, he was planning to visit high schools in Vernon, B.C., to talk to students.
“Today as I am speaking to three high schools. … I will be reminded that my path and our path should be focused on healing. What we are missing here is that trauma, mental health and addictions should be the main focus of the media’s attention; not that another offender manipulated the consequences of their offences.”

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