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Engineering student raped, murdered

MUMBAI: The boyfriend of the Virar engineering student who was murdered on Friday has been arrested for calling the victim to the house of the accused and not turning up on time.

Deepak Wagri (28) who once played cupid to the couple Aishwarya Agarwal (19) and Sohail Shaikh (28) has been booked for rape after he demanded sex from Aishwarya who was waiting at his house for Sohail.

Police on Saturday evening arrested Sohail for calling Aishwarya to Wagri's house but failing to turn up on time and thus giving Wagri a reason to sexually abuse the victim. He will be produced in court on Sunday.

The couple used to meet at Wagri's Om Sai apartment in Virar (west). They used to telephone Wagri who would then open the door of his ground floor flat. Wagri and his wife would be selling vegetables alongside the road in Virar.

On Friday Sohail asked Aishwarya to proceed to Wagri's home as he was delayed with work. When Wagri found Aishwarya alone he demanded sex.

Aishwarya's father Rajeshkumar in his police complaint alleged Sohail's hand in the murder.

Wagri told the police that Aishwarya wanted to break up with Sohail as their families were against the relationship. Wagri thought that he would get into a physical relationship with Aishwarya. He told the police that he did not expect Aishwarya to reject his offer as she had been in a relationship with Sohail.

Wagri forced himself on Aishwarya and disrobed her. When she raised an alarm, he feared it would alert the neighbours. He picked up the axe and assaulted her on the head, neck and abdomen. There were 17 stab wounds on the victim.

The victim's father has told the police that it is unlikely that one person could have killed his daughter.

He told police that Sohail may have been party to the murder as Aishwarya wanted to end the relationship. He questioned how an axe was found in the house. Inspector Younus Shaikh said that as of now it does not look like a pre-planned murder.

Police said that Wagri was recently displaced from his vegetable selling spot by the municipality and he spend most of his time at home.

It was Wagri who had offered his room to the couple. Wagri has been booked for rape and murder. He has been remanded to police custody till September 9.

Boyfriend of murdered engineering student held  

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