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Jamia Nagar gangrape ignored by mass-media

Jamia Nagar area is said to be “critical” and has been rushed to a hospital after her health began to deteriorate on Tuesday night.

The authorities are tight lipped on the incident and are not even disclosing the name of the hospital where she is being treated.
According to locals, she is “critical” and has been suffering from severe infections in her throat because of the forced oral sex. She was subjected to unnatural sex because of which she is unable to sit or even lie on bed properly.
“She was supposed to record her statement before a magistrate under Section 164 CrPc but it could not happen as she was unable to speak because of severe pain in throat. She has been subjected to forced oral and unnatural sex by the rapists.
After her health deteriorated on Tuesday night, she was taken to a hospital by a team of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). We do not have any information on where she is being treated,” Musharraf Hussain – a social activist who had helped the victim’s mother file an FIR at Jamia Nagar police station on August 27 night, told Indiatimes.
He alleged that the police are not doing much in the case. The prime accused, whom the cops call a minor, has been arrested but the rest are still at large.
The police are not investigating the case seriously because the incident did not get media attention. They want to hush up the matter and are trying to influence the girl’s mother who makes her family’s two ends meet by serving as a domestic help in the area,” he added.
But the police have rubbished the allegation adding that the probe is on and soon other culprits would also be behind bars.
According to the complainant, the accused – who was her friend – first raped her in early August, filmed the act and threatened to make the video public if she did not accept his demands.
He then started taking her to different places in the city and raped her on several occasions. His friends also joined him after some time. When she was sexually assaulted, she was used to blind fold so that she could not recognise others who were partner in the crime.   
The incident was reported on August 27 night when she could not tolerate it anymore. Of late, the main accused began detaining throughout the night. After her parents objected her late arrival at home, she revealed the horror to a neighbour who informed her mother about the entire sequence of events. 
After the medical examination of the victim confirmed rape, an FIR was registered and the main accused was arrested. But the rest are still at large.
According to the girl’s mother, who is a domestic help, her daughter – a class 9 student – met the alleged prime accused through one of her school friends. He began befriending the victim. One day, as claimed by the victim’s mother, he lured her to a nearby place where he first raped her and filmed the heinous act on August 11.
Since then, he started blackmailing my daughter and kept raping her. Over a period of time, he was joined by different people at different places. When we noticed that she is coming home late, we inquired about it. But she did not disclose anything. She was threatened of dire consequences,” the victim’s mother had earlier told Indiatimes.
When she returned home late on August 26 evening, she – said her mother – was in “extreme pain”. She had scratches on her body and was not even able to walk and sit properly. “Even then she did not tell us anything. She shared the trauma one of my neighbours who then informed us,” she said.
Asked if the victim can recognise the culprits, the grieved mother said her daughter knows the prime accused by face. “The rest of them had their faces covered. They used to blindfold before the heinous act,” she added.   
The incident was reported to the police after the victim’s mother sought financial help from one of her employers who is a social activist. 
“She was inquiring about doctors and sought financial help. When asked who needs medical assistance in her family, she was initially reluctant. But later, she narrated the ordeal her daughter was suffering. We told her she must approach to the police as what has happened to her daughter is a heinous crime. After a lot of persuasion, she finally agreed to report the matter. We got her FIR lodged. She was immediately sent to hospital for medical examination and treatment,” said Hussain – the social activist.
The police said the arrested boy, who is also a minor, is being questioned. During initial questioning, he has not confessed to his crime and disclosed names of the co-accused.
Unequal Rapes?
Locals allege that an alleged incident of this nature makes national headline if it takes place in JNU but go unnoticed in general cases where victim’s families are less privileged. “Many rights activists, lawyers and others voluntarily come forward and force the police to investigate properly. But, unfortunately, the same is not witnessed in such cases,” they added.

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