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Karnataka man involved in over 20 cases of rape and murder

A man accused of raping and murdering a woman was arrested from the railway station in Chitradurga town on Friday.
According to the police, the arrest is a major breakthrough in multiple cases, as evidence indicates the man’s involvement in a number of other rapes and murders.
Krishnmurthy alias Kittu, is wanted in connection with eight rape cases in Chitradurga and Davangere districts alone, reported India Today.
Krishnamurthy, who worked in a stone crushing unit, gained notoriety for the brutality with which he killed women, using boulders and rope, after he had raped them.
Indian Express reported that the arrest of the 40-year-old resident of Kallugudde village in Chikmagalur district is likely help the police crack more than a dozen cases of rape and murder across the state.
Police sources claimed that Krishna had confessed to about 20 murders, reported IE.
Chitradurga SP M N Anucheth said that preliminary investigations suggested that four women, including a minor, had been raped and murdered by the accused in the last two months alone.
“We arrested him in connection with one rape and murder. But, with the court's permission we expedited the forensic test. The results revealed that his blood samples provided evidence of his involvement in other cases of rape, on which the police had hit a roadblock," Anucheth told The News Minute.
His targets were the destitute and the mentally ill, whom he would lure away to isolated locations with liquor and money, police said. 
Karnataka man, allegedly involved in over 20 cases of rape and murder, arrested in Chitradurga September 4, 2016

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