domenica 4 settembre 2016

Man raped own daughter after watching pornography

Masimba Zhowanota (44) of Mpapa, Triangle, discovered that his 16-year-old daughter had pornographic material in her phone and watched the obscene videoclips with her. 

Zhowanota appeared before Chiredzi Resident Magistrate Costance Mutandwa last tuesday, facing rape charges

Sometime in January 2015 Zhowanota found pornographic videos in the girl's phone and took advantage of her state of panic to watch the videos with her.

Zhowanota then forcibly had sex with her. From February 2015, the two had sex on several occasions. When the girl's mother returned from the rural areas interrogated her daughter after a tip-off from neighbours. The minor revealed she was pregnant

The minor's mother then reported the matter to Triangle Police Station leading to Zhowanota's arrest. He was sentenced to to 24 months in prison. 

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