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Michael Jackson's private pedophilia institute

Make no mistake: Michael Jackson wasn't like the pervert priests who abused and destroyed children in an environment of institutionalized pedophilia. Michael Jackson was a rich and famous freak, so he had his own, private pedophilia institute in order to abuse and destroy children.
It was called Neverland Ranch, where he kept exotic animals in a zoo and exotic children in his bed. That's what I believe at any rate.

Now one of those kids, choreographer Wade Robson, 33, has brought a suit against his estate claiming that Jackson ran "the most sophisticated child abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known." And I believe that too.
Robson claims he was one of an endless array of children who were brought to Neverland Ranch to be sexually assaulted by Jackson. Their parents were too dazzled by the King of Pop, or so disgustingly greedy that they looked the other way as this freak who'd turned himself from a black man into a white woman and finally into the Phantom of the Opera, stalked children like a movie monster.
I don't come to that belief as a casual observer or social media hater. I believe this because I was the first reporter to be made aware of the Jackson's alleged pedophilia back in 1993. At that time I was as big a fan of the phenom of the pop opera as everybody else. But then one day a friend came to see me here at the News.

"My cousin's boy's been hijacked by Michael Jackson," he told me and took out two photos of that boy, Jordan (Jordy) Chandler, posing with Jackson. I'll never forget it. They were dressed alike, in fedoras, little black suits, each wearing one glittery glove. They were at a roller-coaster at EuroDisney, which had opened the year before.
Jackson first spotted 13-year-old Jordan at the boy's stepfather's Rent-A-Wreck operation in Los Angeles. Jackson had disguised himself and come in to rent a used car of all things. Within weeks, the mother and her children were "enjoying" sleepovers at the ranch. I'm told that the mother thought that Jackson had a crush on her and was flattered. Eventually Jordy broke down and told his father that Jackson had been abusing him.
The dad, Evan Chandler, a dentist-to-the-stars and a screenwriter who co-wrote "Robin Hood Men in Tights" with Mel Brooks, called the cops. Within a few weeks the father was jumped in his office garage and beaten to a pulp. His home was broken into, and his patients threatened in his dental waiting room by goons. They settled the suit against Jackson for more than $20 million. Authorities told him it might be best if he and his son disappeared for a while. The stunningly handsome father and son went underground — the father had plastic surgery to disguise himself, destroying his face. End result: Dental practice ruined, screenwriting over, family destroyed.
Even more startling, back in 1994, after the pedophilia story broke out, a female member of the Jackson clan, whose name I will not reveal for fear of reprisals, called me and said, "They're going to kill Delores, Tito's ex-wife." She told me she had thrown Michael out of her house when he tried to get information on a little boy visiting her home. She threatened to expose him. I told the caller, who'd been alleged to be slightly off-center herself, that I couldn't write an article speculating that Jackson might put a hit out on a woman when there was no proof of anything.
I regret to this day that I hadn't done it. A month later, Delores Jackson was found dead in a swimming pool at the home of her boyfriend, Donald Bohana. Her death was due to an accidental drowning, but a coroner's report called it “assisted drowning” with indications of blunt force trauma.
Four years later Bohana, who claimed it had been an accident since Delores did not know how to swim, was convicted of second-degree murder.
It could have been a horrible accident, yes, and the call could have been a terrible coincidence. Or it could have been pre-meditated murder.

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