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Mombasa street children raped, murdered in last one year

Scores of Mombasa minors have been defiled, raped, murdered, infected with STDs and mentally and physically tortured in the last one year by those entrusted with their protection.
A report titled 'A Cry For Justice' revealed this on Wednesday saying most of the victims were aged seven to 17.
The report was released by NGO 'Linda, Elimisha, Saidia, Okoa' (Lesomwa), which has been monitoring the welfare of children whose rights have been violated.
“An employee of a children’s home in Bamburi raped three children at the home. One of them who is disabled and dumb is now pregnant,” said Lesomwa
The report said the three were learning under full protection against similar cases.
“But permanent physiological damage has been done. There are many attempts to cover the issue. We refuse to be compromised...” the report read in part.
On August 1, four class seven girls of Utange Primary School, aged between seven and 13, were tricked into a man’s house and defiled.
The report said two of them were rescued but that the rest were taken to Jomo Kenyatta public beach and defiled.
The man who lured them was paid Sh50 by an unknown number of others who later joined him.
The head of their primary school concluded the four were drug addicts and needed rehabilitation.
“Some of their parents turned ignorant. They were compromised… Investigations were done but no arrest has been made,” the report said.
A 13 year old girl who testified against his father for killing her mother was taken in by her grandmother but later abandoned.
Lesomwa chairperson Joyce Waithera said most of the minors were orphans, urchins and those who ran away from home due to abuse.
Waithera added that relevant authorities have not acted on most of the cases.
Some officers at gender desks in police stations are said to accept bribes of as little as Sh150 to block cases.
Bamburi police station has been adversely mentioned in the report.
Waithera said some police officers were hunting her down as she put them on the spot.
Cases of human rights abuses have rocked Kenya in the recent past and have resulted in protests and calls for justice by several leaders.

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