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Rape horror: 3-year-old girl abducted, brutally raped in Bhopal

Bhopal: Horror unfolded in the state capital, a day after the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 2015, reaffirmed Madhya Pradesh's tag as the rape capital of India. A three-year-old girl was abducted in sleep, brutally raped and dumped in the bushes in Aishbagh area. 

For two hours, she lay profusely bleeding and writhing in pain and struggling to stand by clawing on bricks of a decrepit wall along the shrubs till she was spotted by a local resident, Manoj.

While the ghastly crime was committed at dawn on Wednesday, no FIR was lodged for more than six hours as three police stations squabbled over jurisdiction

A team from Aishbagh police team reached Sultania Hospital only after 6pm to record the rape survivor's statement. Initially, two cops from Jehangirabad police station reached the spot, but withdrew. A little later, two cops from Aishbagh Dial-100 vehicle arrived. And while the rapist was on the run, confusion prevailed whether the case would be registered in Aishbagh, Jehangirabad or Mangalwara police stations. A case was later registered in Aishbagh police station and case diary was transferred to GRP.

The girl is being treated at Sultania Hospital in Bhopal, where at least two crucial hours were lost in the absence of doctors. And, this despite two Good Samaritans, Manoj and a sub-inspector with Jehangirbad police station, Jitendra Chanderiya, were moved by her trauma and rushed her to hospital in an auto-rickshaw. The cop was alerted by Manoj at 7:30pm after he heard the sound of sobbing and rustling in the bushes and saw the girl.

"If they would have waited for an ambulance, she could have bled to death. The duo answered the call of duty and brought her to hospital," said medical superintendent, Sultania Hospital, Karan Pipre.

The girl was first taken to Indira Hospital in the vicinity, where doctors referred her to Sultania, without even giving first aid.

The ordeal did not end here as she had to struggle for more than an hour to get treatment. It was only after the intervention of SP (south) Anshuman Singh that doctors at Sultania got their act together. As the paediatric surgeon arrived late, she was given primary care by an attending doctor and thereafter surgery was performed.

Rape horror: Cops fight over turf TNN | 

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Development Minister Archana Chitnis on Wednesday said the two-year old girl, who was raped in Bhopal city this morning, is now out of danger and has gained consciousness.
Chitnis told the media that the girl has now been shifted to the ICU.
"Her parents, mother Jyoti and father Rampal, are in the hospital. They hail from Uttar Pradesh's Mahoba district and visit Bhopal frequently to collect leaves for their goats," Chitnis said.
"She will be in the ICU for two to three days and the administration is on their toes to catch the perpetrators of the crime," she added.
The Minister said that Jahangirabad Sub-inspector Jitendra Chandariya brought the victim to the hospital along with a person named Manoj, who found the girl when he was going to the washroom.
"He (Manoj) immediately informed the police ... He and his wife Jyoti did not wait for any emergency vehicle and directly took her to the hospital in an auto-rickshaw," she added while informing that the untoward incident took place in Aishbagh.
Dr Karan Pipre, the superintendent of Sultania Zanana Hospital, said the victim has been given medical treatment and is presently being treated in the ICU.
"Doctors have been given her medication and at the moment the child is fine and undergoing further treatment," Dr Pipre said.
"We have given her antibiotics so that she can recover fast. When she will be fine completely, we'll discharge her with full grace and will provide her with all the medication required for her to be fine in the future," he added. 

Bhopal rape case: Victim out of danger, says Archana Chitnis ANI August 31, 2016

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