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Stepfather raped 3-year-old girl

BHOPAL: A week after the rape of a three-year-old girl, GRP Bhopal has arrested her stepfather for the gruesome crime.

Police told mediapersons on Monday that the accused has confessed. The girl was abducted when she was asleep, raped and dumped in the bushes in Aishbagh area. IG-railways A K Singh said arrest was made after the accused's body fluids and the victim's blood were found on his clothes.

The suspect, Rampal Verma, was not consistent in his statements and had lied about his first wife, say police. He told investigators that she was dead, but she was found alive in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, when an MP Police team went to cross-check his claim.

Singh said bloodstains on the mattress, blanket and near the crime scene provided vital links in the investigation, which was heading nowhere even after more than 800 people, including around 120 drug addicts, had been questioned.

He said crime was committed on Bhopal station platform No. 6 and that the accused got scared. "He took her to a secluded place in Aishbagh and threw her in the bushes. He then came and slept with the family. When the girl's mother couldn't find her, Verma started pretending to search for victim along with family members," said Singh.
Verma told police that he had come with his family to Bhopal from UP 15 days go. He is a labourer while his second wife is a rag picker, say police. After reaching here, they started living near the platform. Singh said that a CCTV camera, installed near the area where family had taken shelter, was not working and was of no help in the probe.

However, not everyone is convinced by the police theory. Police were not able to answer why the accused did not kill the victim despite knowing that she could reveal his identity. Also, why did the girl used the world 'bhaiyya' for the rapist?

Stepfather arrested for toddler's rape TNN | 

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