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The most evil Australian paedophiles and child killers

Convicted paedophile Warren Graeme Hayter, who calls himself ‘Caveman’.Source:Supplied
THESE men are among the most evil sexual predators in Australia who newly-elected Senator Derryn Hinch wants placed on a public national register of child molesters and violent rapists so that every family can feel safe.
The crimes they have committed against children include rape, murder, repeated molestation, drugging children, using them for pornography and selling their images around the world and buying children from poor third world country families.
Mr Hinch’s register would be publicly available on a website and an app so any Australian could see the convicted paedophiles name and aliases, address, photograph, crimes and the years in which they were committed.
Mr Hinch, a former journalist who has been imprisoned several times for “naming and shaming” child sex offenders, won office with his Justice Party’s agenda to establish a public register similar to the US national list established 20 years ago under “Megan’s Law”.
Sexual predators rely on anonymity. It is one of their most powerful weapons, especially against children,” Mr Hinch told
In child abuse cases, the molester tells the child to keep quiet because ‘this is a secret’.
Sexual offences often result in suppression orders ... under the guise of ‘It’s to protect the victim’ but in actual fact it is aimed at protecting the identity of the offender.
“If they are paroled ... their lawyer asks for their name and address to be suppressed. The odds are stacked against us.”
Mr Hinch said sex offenders would be listed on the national register for life.
The public could access the names and addresses of paedophiles in their neighbourhood, but he believed a criminal penalty should be introduced for vigilante activity against people on the list.

Public outrage boiled over following the release of child killer John Lewthwaite, repeat paedophile Dennis Raymond Ferguson, and Otto D’Arcy Searle, who served just more than 11 years for 104 child sex offences.

Special laws were passed in several states including NSW to keep sex offenders behind bars if they were at risk of reoffending, and to strictly supervise them upon release,
But a News Corp investigation found that less than five years after the laws were passed nearly half the serial sex predators released into the NSW community had breached their release conditions.
Mr Hinch, who is asking for a Senate inquiry into sex offenders prior to the establishment of the national register, said it was a “common sense” approach to the reality of recidivism among paedophiles and rapists.
But he believed vigilante action against sex offenders living in the community should be controlled by a criminal penalty.
“I believe if you’re a sex offender, you’re on the register for life, but if you behave like a vigilante you will be charged,” he said. “In America I think it’s up to eight years in prison.”
More than 100,000 convicted sex offenders would make the list and Mr Hinch has proposed that they be stripped of their passports so they can’t carry out “child rape tours” of Asia.
The list of male offenders living in suburbia in all Australian states and territories include serial rapists and paedophiles who continue to offend despite having undergone prison anti-paedophile programs, and those deemed incurable. has compiled a list of some of the worst child sex offenders to have preyed on Australian children.
Warren Hayter has an extensive criminal history of sexually abusing disabled boys as young as eight years old in Queensland, NSW and South Australia.
Categorised as a serial paedophile with a “high risk of sexual reoffending”, Hayter has a history of entrenched behaviour in seeking out young boys for sex.
Calling himself “Caveman”, Hayter is known to lurk in public spaces where boys are playing, and breach exclusion zones on his satellite tracking anklet and skip surveillance.
Hayter is notorious for targeting young males, particularly those who are handicapped or from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
Despite being prescribed anti-libidinal medication, Hayter once told his supervisors he was going to buy cough medicine from a pharmacy and instead deviated to a local children’s park.
He requires 24-hour monitoring and has a record of escaping from prison.

In 2012, a Perth mother was confronted by what she thought was a homeless man threatening her baby with a knife in the street.
Police arrested the man who turned out to be notorious Australian paedophile Bradley Pendragon who had been deported back to Australia from Thailand.
Pendragon, originally from Brisbane, had spent 13 years in a Bangkok prison for raping and beating three girls aged between eight and 12 years old.
When he threatened the 38-year-old mother in Perth, he had only been released from a WA jail 10 weeks earlier.
Pendragon had served nearly three years for possessing child pornography, for which he received a suspended sentence which was enforced when police found similar material in his possession again 21 days later.
Prison officers found images of “little girls” in a search of his cell at WA’s Acacia Prison.
His lawyer told the hearing into the 2012 attack that Pendragon carried the large knife for fear of vigilante attacks and felt like he was living “on the run”.
Sentenced to five years without parole, he is due for release next year.

Blind paedophile Robin Angas Fletcher has served time for whipping, raping and prostituting young teenage girls and has served lengthy prison sentences.
Fletcher, who claims his pagan Wiccan religion endorses sex between children and adults, worked as a drug abuse and sexual guidance youth counsellor in the 1990s when he lured girls into abuse.
Using hypnotism and mind-altering techniques on two 15-year-olds, he subjected the girls to violent sexual acts, including whipping them with a riding crop.
Fletcher told the girls it was necessary to fulfil their destiny as “high priestesses of the dark covenant”.
He maintained to prison authorities while serving eight years that to prevent him from having sex with children amounted to religious persecution.
In jail, he wrote to men in Ghana expressing his desire, once released on parole, to travel to the West African country and initiate young children into sexual practices.
Fletcher refused to participate in sex-offender rehabilitation while in custody, and upon his release applied to court to have authorities relax the conditions of his strict supervision order.
A violent rapist with a high risk of reoffending, John Allan Wilde is a serial sex offender who is virtually impossible to control unless he is in prison.
Psychiatrists say Wilde has a “personality disorder which is not reversible” and “is so grandiose he believes he is entitled to think what the law should be and believes he is above the law”.
Wilde, now in his mid-50s, has been free from custody for less than five years since he was a 19-year-old.
He committed his first rape aged 23, and his second while on parole for his first offence, when he threatened to inflict actual bodily harm on his rape victim.
He was at liberty for 13 days in the early 1990s when he committed a violent rape while armed with a knife and received a 16-year sentence.
In 2009, Justice Ducker in the NSW Supreme Court said Wilde displayed “only barely concealed violence, which does not bode well for his future, nor for the community when released”.
When he was released in 2009 on a supervision order to community housing for sex offenders, Wilde became drunk, stole a knife from the kitchen and tried to escape, but was arrested.

Alfred Jessop, who also goes by the name of David Wilkes, was sentenced to life in jail for the murder of eight-year-old Vicki Barton in the Blue Mountains in 1969.

Jessop carried Vicki’s body on a bicycle trailer to bushland and buried her. Police did not arrest him until years later, eventually convicting him in 1978.
His life sentenced was reduced on appeal and he was released in 2003.
Described as a sexual psychopath, Jessop was found living with children when he was convicted of assaulting a woman in 2006, and given a good behaviour bond.
Neighbours living in Liverpool in southwestern Sydney in 2010 were alarmed to discover the old man living in their street who would shine a torch on them as they drove past was Jessop.
He is not under any supervision by authorities.

A serial paedophile with extreme high risk of reoffending, Alexandria Brookes’ most heinous crime made the police who arrested him at a Brisbane motel in 1987 physically ill.
Brookes has an extensive history of raping prepubescent male and female children aged under 10 years.
His youngest victim was aged just three years old when he was charged with her rape and abduction.
After being released from Long Bay Jail in July 1987, Brookes, then aged 23, and his 39-year-old prison lover, Dennis Raymond Ferguson, abducted three children, two boys and a girl, from Sydney aged six, seven and eight.
The pair had hatched their plan while sharing a prison cell, and carried out their vile fantasy.
Ferguson, another serial paedophile, had befriended the children’s father, a fellow Long Bay inmate, and learned in custody that the children had previously been sexually abused.
Brookes and Ferguson flew the children to Brisbane, and sexually assaulted them in a house in the Brisbane suburb of Kedron.
The following night, they moved the three children to a motel in the northern Brisbane suburb of Ascot, where they again abused the children.
Police were called to the motel, where they found Ferguson naked with the children, him telling the officers, “I can help you. Pornography. Kiddie porn, I can get you kiddie porn.”
Brookes served 12 years in a Queensland prison, and upon his release returned to Sydney where he was charged with luring a boy into a toilet in Bankstown.
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