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Youth, wife tortured, raped two-and-a-half-year-old daughter

New Delhi: A youth was arrested for sexually assaulting his relative's two-and-a-half-year-old daughter in Govindpuri in southeast Delhi on Tuesday. The youth's wife was also arrested for trying to cover up his activities. 

Neighbours told the police that the couple had brought other children to their home earlier, who they suspect were also sexually assaulted.

The child stays with her family in a JJ Colony. The incident occurred on Tuesday night after the youth's wife, who is the child's father's step-sister, took her to a park for some food. The child's mother told the police that she had initially refused, but later gave in to the couple's repeated requests. When the child's parents went to get her in the evening, they found her lying on the bed in a semi-conscious state. The couple told them that she had been sleeping after returning from the park, but sensing something amiss her parents decided to take her to a nearby hospital.

Doctors at the local hospital, however, referred the child to AIIMS Trauma Center as she had burn marks and injuries on the head. Medical examination at AIIMS confirmed sexual assault. The child was found burnt with cigarette butts and her head had been hit against a wall. "Doctors said that there were 8-10 cigarette burn marks on the child's arms, neck and thighs," said the child's father.

A team from Govindpuri police station soon reached the hospital and recorded the statements of the child's parents. The girl told the policemen that the accused youth had beaten her up at the park and sexually assaulted her. The accused was arrested from his house, while his wife was nabbed from another house near Chirag Dilli a few hours later.

Probe revealed that the accused had earlier been arrested for sexually assaulting a child while he was staying at a JJ Colony in Mehrauli. After he got bail, he shifted to the JJ Colony in Govindpuri. "He used to come to our house and play with the kids, but we never suspected him of sexually assaulting children," said the child's father, who works at a factory in south Delhi.

Sources said that the youth's wife has a property dispute with her step-brother and may have vented out her ire on the child. A case of rape and assault has been registered against the couple.

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