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3-year-old child raped, rapist identified

GURGAON: A man was arrested for raping a three-year-old child near her house after she identified the accused from 700 photographs of people living in the area near the place where she was attacked that police had clicked. 

Police were helped by a nurse at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, where the child was admitted, who acted as translator for the family that speaks Assamese.

The child lived with her parents in Pataudi. She was raped on October 21 evening while she was playing outside her home. Around 7.30pm, the mother came out to call in the girl but didn't find her. She started looking around, and about half an hour later, found her near Green Field Public School, about 50m away from her residence. The child was crying in pain and bleeding from her private parts.

In a critical condition, the child was referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

Meanwhile, an FIR was registered at Sector 10 police station under Section VI of the POCSO Act. But cops were faced with a major hurdle. The child was too young to speak cogently. She was also in deep trauma, due to which she was extremely scared of strangers and males, and only understood her mother tongue Assamese and a smattering of Bengali. Even her mother wasn't well versed with any other language. However, a nurse at the hospital, who counselled the child, volunteered with translations for the lady investigating officer.

Luckily, when cops went around inquiring to the grocery store where she had last been before the rape, several shopkeepers said they recalled the child coming with her mother and then passing by the area some minutes later with an unidentified man, who looked like a scrap collector. Cops identified the spot where the atrocity took place — an open plot next to a slum area where scrap is stored — and clicked photos of over 700 men who live nearby. The information pointed at a man who was absconding since the incident — the accused Rakesh (32) alias Tiger, resident of Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh.

"After being discharged from hospital, the child identified Rakesh from the photographs, and the spot where she was raped," said DCP Sumit Kuhar. He worked as a scrap collector in the area. Cops arrested him on Tuesday from Basai Chowk, after which, the child physically identified him. "The accused initially gave misleading answers, but later confessed to the crime. He told cops he had consumed a lot of liquor that day, and went on to prey upon the child to satisfy his sexual urges," said DCP Kuhar.

Rakesh was produced in court on Wednesday, and has been sent to three-day police remand.

Rapist identified by 3-yr-old, held  | Oct 28, 2016

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