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Peter Bunyan was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting the girls when they were aged between three and six. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

A former police community support officer has been jailed for 24 years for raping two young girls after one of the children had a flashback when another officer made a routine school visit.
Peter Bunyan, 43, from Penzance in Cornwall, was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting the girls when they were aged between three and six. One of the girls remembers him wearing at least some of his police uniform when he attacked her.
Bunyan, formerly a PCSO in Camborne and Redruth, was previously jailed for having sex while on duty and for using police computers to collect data about vulnerable women.
A jury at Truro crown court found Bunyan guilty on Monday of three counts of rape and one of sexual assault between 2005 and 2009. He was found not guilty of one charge of rape against one of the girls. Bunyan had denied the allegations.
The jury heard it was only when one of the girls had a police officer visit her school that her memory was triggered and she began to piece together what happened before confiding in family members and school staff.
Medical examinations carried out following the allegations suggested both the girls had suffered injuries that suggested they had been sexually abused.
Sentencing Bunyan, judge Simon Carr said: “You assaulted them in a way that they would stay quiet .... Both of the victims have since spoken of the pain they were in during and after the ordeal.
“Both of the girls are struggling to come to terms with what happened to them and the utter devastation caused by your actions. The victims have also since self-harmed as a way of coming to terms with it all.”
An NSPCC spokesman said: “Bunyan is a sexual predator who is now thankfully behind bars. His appalling crimes robbed his defenceless victims of their childhood and could have a lasting impact well into their adult years.
“No child should ever have to experience what the victims went through. It is vital anyone affected can get the support they need rather than suffer in silence, as sadly so many do.”
He had neglected his duties by turning his police radio down on shifts before having sex with women and treated police computers “as a dating agency” by using them to perform background checks on women.

Bryan Reed, pictured outside court in 2014, raped two young brothers in the 1970s. Picture: Hamish Blair

EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Police has been slammed for taking almost 20 years to prosecute a child predator who raped two young brothers.
Elderly swimming coach Bryan Reed, 86, today escaped jail after receiving a three-year sentence suspended for two years for the buggery of two young brothers in the 1970s.
Reed, who has multiple convictions for molestation involving young boys spanning almost 60 years, is deeply remorseful for his behaviour which he blames on his own abuse at the St John’s boys’ home in Canterbury, where he was dumped as a six-year-old.
“You were lonely, abused and unhappy as a little boy,” County Court Judge Claire Quin said today.
The two victims of the latest offences first gave statements to police in 1996 after Reed’s offending against other boys was publicised - but no action was taken.
But the prosecution today was unable to tell Judge Quin why it took so long to bring Reed before the court for the abuse of the two brothers.
“For reasons that remain unknown no action was taken,” Judge Quin said today.
“This delay is most unsatisfactory and no reason for it... has been proffered by the prosecution.”
One the brothers has considered suicide and blames his depression on Reed’s abuse - and says his life may have turned out very differently had his complaint been dealt with earlier.
Reed befriended the boys’ father promising to teach them to swim and take them ice skating.
One of the brothers was “beaten to within an inch of his life” after reporting the abuse to his father.
Judge Quin said Reed groomed the children and the offending was a “grave example of this kind of abuse”.
But Judge Quin said the delay and Reed’s fragility meant he deserved a suspended sentence.
Reed, who is confined to a wheelchair and is in failing health, has few friends or relatives and lives in a nursing home.
The court was told police were not aware of any other other victims of Reed.

Judge slams delay in bringing child rapist to justice Padraic Murphy, Herald Sun October 4, 2016 

ORTING, Wash. — Orting Police arrested Brian Ackles Sunday morning after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip from a Washington’s Most Wanted viewer. He was booked into Pierce County Jail for extradition to King County.
Ackles is accused of raping a 6-year-old girl in Auburn.
Ackles also has a long history of various issues including misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor & felony convictions of which some are for domestic violence.
“Orting Police is most appreciative of the information received, which led to this individual being brought into custody and we are glad to be of assistance to Auburn Police on this case,” the department said in a news release.
Ackles is Washington’s Most Wanted capture #816.

WMW viewer tip leads to the arrest of accused child rapist Brian Ackles OCTOBER 2, 2016

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A former Harrisburg man has been ordered to serve at least 50 years in prison for raping an 8-year-old girl.
Jonathan Tyrrell, 54, was sentenced Tuesday to 50-100 years in state prison, according to Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico’s office.
Tyrrell was convicted in July on charges of rape of a child with serious bodily injury, unlawful contact with a minor, and corruption of minors.
Marsico’s office said the victim had to undergo reconstructive surgery and described the assault when she testified at trial.
She did not attend the sentencing hearing, but she told Judge Deborah Curcillo in a letter that Tyrrell should stay in jail so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. She also said Tyrell threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about the assault.
Tyrrell faced a minimum of at least 25 years in prison because he has a 1983 conviction for raping an adult in New York.

Child rapist gets 50-100 years in prison Myles Snyder 

3 soldiers face charges of sex crimes against child  October 3, 2016

Self-confessed child rapist keeps changing plea 4 October 2016 SHAIN GERMANER

15-year-old girl raped, killed by her uncle 5 ottobre 2016

Mother of two who killed for resisting rape 5 ottobre 2016

Gang-rape victim dies after self-immolation 5 ottobre 2016

College girl gang-raped is battling for life 2 ottobre 2016

Rape, murder of Margaret Wanjiru, 10-year old 4 ottobre 2016

Woman attacked, raped in Manchester city centre 3 ottobre 2016

Teenage girl gang-raped by three in Kashmir 3 ottobre 2016

Woman Gang-Raped, Killed in Mondulkiri 3 ottobre 2016

Brasiliana picchiata, sequestrata e violentata da due nordafricani 3 ottobre 2016

Turista australiana picchiata a sangue e violentata 3 ottobre 2016

40-year-old woman drugged, gang-raped by two 3 ottobre 2016

Nursing assistant raped 87 and 94 years old patients 2 ottobre 2016

Victim of sick paedo Jimmy Savile tells how abused her 2 ottobre 2016

Rape, murder of Jean Savage and Lisa Lynn Berry 1 ottobre 2016

Rape, murder of Robin Cornell and Lisa Story 30 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Setayish Quraishi 25 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Barbara Ballman 25 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Scarlett Keeling 25 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of 6-yr-old girl in Bareilly 9 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Soumya 9 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Samia Shahid 5 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Fiona Holton 8 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Janet Commins 
            8 settembre 2016

Horrific rape and killing of a 10-year-old Albuquerque girl 28 agosto 2016

Rape, Murder of Loretta Jones 20 agosto 2016

Rape, murder of 11-year-old Zoe Buttigieg 13 agosto 2016

Rape, murder of Kylie Maybury, six years old 10 giugno 2016

Gang-rape, murder of Yuyun 11 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Jisha 19 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of 3 minor sisters 17 settembre 2016

12-yr-old girl raped, murdered in Sonipat 17 settembre 2016

Mom raped, killed together with 10-year-old son 17 settembre 2016

Minor girl gamg-raped, filmed, forced into prostitution 1 ottobre 2016

Young man kidnapped, raped, filmed by tattooed monster 1 ottobre 2016

Woman assaulted, raped by teen inside her home 1 ottobre 2016

Woman attacked, raped in south London 1 ottobre 2016

Seniors rape student in school storeroom 1 ottobre 2016

3-year-old raped inside Gurugram school 1 ottobre 2016

Park Street gangrape case 1 ottobre 2016

77-year-old woman raped, murdered 1 ottobre 2016

Rapist, killer of 28-year-old woman gets death sentence 1 ottobre 2016 

23-year-old sentenced to death in gang-rape, murder case 30 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Robin Cornell and Lisa Story 30 settembre 2016

15-year-old raped twice by the same boy 30 settembre 2016

Oxford schoolgirl abducted, raped in car 30 settembre 2016

British schoolgirl raped in Russia 30 settembre 2016

Alcol, droga e pedofilia: arrestato 46enne 30 settembre 2016

Abusi sessuali su una bambina di 9 anni, condannato 50enne 30 settembre 2016

Anti Uber rape 'panic buttons' 29 settembre 2016

11-year-old girl raped twice by 30-year-old neighbour 29 settembre 2016

Minor dragged out of house, gangraped in Mathura 29 settembre 2016

4 migrant teens gang-rape boy, record it on phones 29 settembre 2016

Mother-of-three drugged, gang-raped by six migrants 26 settembre 2016

Woman assaulted, raped in a garden 28 settembre 2016

7 Bristol girls raped, abused by a gang of Somali men 28 settembre 2016

Man raped his 7-year-old daughter for 2 years 27 settembre 2016

30-year-old woman gangraped by 3 inside her house 27 settembre 2016

Girl gang-raped by 7 in front of her parents 27 settembre 2016

11-year-old boy raped 9-year-old boy 15 times 27 settembre 2016

15-year-old girl raped in a children's playground 27 settembre 2016

Married woman kidnapped, gang-raped by five 26 settembre 2016

15-year-old girl gang-raped by three 26 settembre 2016

Teenager assaulted and raped in central Manchester 25 settembre 2016

Young woman raped in south-west London 25 settembre 2016

18-year-old girl raped in city centre car park 23 settembre 2016

3 teenagers raped woman at home 23 settembre 2016

Man armed with vodka bottle raped woman at home 19 settembre 2016

Bluewater ‘gang rape’: woman assulted by 11 men, 7 teenagers 16 settembre 2016

Jamaica, 17-year-old girl raped in Queens park 16 settembre 2016

Woman gang-raped by 3 men in Finsbury Park 16 settembre 2016

2 teen girls gang-raped by 5 boys in Delhi park 15 settembre 2016

Woman raped in London park 1 settembre 2016

Woman raped during violent attack in east London park 5 settembre 2016

Girl, 12, raped in south Manchester park 5 settembre 2016

24-year-old woman raped, strangled in Riverside Park 28 agosto 2016

Rape, Race and the Jogger 27 agosto 2016

One rape a week in London’s bars and clubs 12 settembre 2016

Teen girl gang-raped in broad daylight 22 luglio 2016

Girl X rape scandal 1 settembre 2016

Gang-Rape Party 21 settembre 2016

3-year-old girl repeatedly raped by 60-year-old neighbour 22 settembre 2016

Gang-raped by six men, raped by her dad 21 settembre 2016

Two sisters raped, tortured by parents for 14 years 25 settembre 2016

Boy raped by 'cruel' father 25 settembre 2016

Cambodia’s gang rape culture 23 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 16 27 settembre 2016

Child rapist, killer sentenced to death 23 settembre 2016

Rapist killer of 10-year-old come out of prison 20 settembre 2016

10-yr-old girl raped, murdered in Rampur 9 settembre 2016

80-90% accused in sex crimes cases go free 11 settembre 2016

35-year-old truck driver raped, killed 11-year-old girl 20 settembre 2016

6-year-old girl raped, murdered 19 settembre 2016

Rape, murder of Jisha 19 settembre 2016

Cambodia’s gang rape culture 23 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 15 23 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 14 22 settembre 2016

The Evil Pastor: mexican priest raped 30 young girls 21 settembre 2016

The Evil Pastor: man raped 10-year-old girl in homeless shelter 21 settembre 2016

The Evil Pastor: man drugged, raped woman during ‘deliverance’ 20 settembre 2016

The Evil Pastor: Church leader raped his 3 daughters 20 settembre 2016

The Evil Pastor: Rape in the House of God 19 settembre 2016

Preti Pedofili, lettera a Papa Francesco 21 settembre 2016

Serial paedophile priest among most prolific child sexual abusers 20 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPIST 13 17 settembre 2016

Operation Undertow: 22 pedophiles arrested in Florida 17 settembre 2016

Operation Malaise: tech-savvy pedophile network 16 settembre 2016

Porn Addicted Rapists: Operation Statewide 22 agosto 2016

Michael Jackson's private pedophilia institute 16 settembre 2016

"Disneyland for pedophiles" 16 settembre 2016

Teen filmed while raping a 1-Year-Old out of prison 16 settembre 2016

Paedophile filmed himself raping toddler 11 giugno 2016

Businessman exploited children in Philippines through online webcams 16 settembre 2016

Australian pedophiles abused and filmed children 16 settembre 2016

The app that tracks and maps rapists and paedophiles 9 settembre 2016

The most evil Australian paedophiles and child killers 9 settembre 2016

Former city mayor raped a 4-year-old girl 16 settembre 2016

American serial pedophile arrested in Nepal, 5 kids rescued 12 settembre 2016

Paedophile found with missing 6-year-old girl vanished from park 1 settembre 2016

Paedophile gang who abused children for decades jailed 10 settembre 2016

Porn Addicted Rapists 5 12 settembre 2016

Kazakhstan starts castrating pedophiles 9 settembre 2016

Scottish cyberlockers "a haven of child pornography" 7 settembre 2016

Evil 8 pedophile ring 26 agosto 2016

Italian Perverts Posed as Doctors to Rape Anorexia Patients 10 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 15 23 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 14 22 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 12 12 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 11 7 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 10 1 settembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 9 30 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 8 27 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 7 25 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 6 22 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 5 16 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 4 12 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 3 10 agosto 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 2 25 luglio 2016

Child Rapists 24 giugno 2016

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