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In the latest incident of America’s immigrant sex crime epidemic, Minnesota authorities charged Somali man Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two degrees of first-degree sexual misconduct for raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment

Somali witness reportedly heard blood-curdling screams from the hallway and found the victim undressed and crying. Shocked, they sought out two off-duty cops working security nearby.
The victim told police Abdi followed her into the elevator and up to the third floor hallway. The stranger asked for the victim’s name and shook her hand. When she tried to let go, she says he held on to her, demanded she turn around and pull down her pants, and raped her. In a stroke of criminal genius America has come to expect from its imported Third World rape culture, Abdi was unaware of the surveillance tape in the elevator and didn’t change his clothes after assaulting his victim. Police later found him in St. Paul.
Police and local media rushed to reassure indigenous Minnesotans that child rape is in not indicative of immigration policy failure and that capturing an imported child rapist is proof of its success.
“The Somalian community who came across this girl in crisis stepped up and helped her,” Minneapolis Police Dept. spokesperson John Elder said. “They trusted the officers enough to get them, to bring them into this situation to provide aid.”
Somali community leader Mohamud Noor blamed Americans for not giving enough money to Abdi. One Somali community member raping another community member is not the fault of the Somali community, he explained.
“You know it’s somebody who is mentally ill, and he has been seeking help and services and we feel that there’s a huge gap in mental health services, a huge unmet need,” he complained to KARE11.
Somalia is by far the most dangerous country in the world, and one with a raging child rape epidemic. What women and children suffer in that country is gut-wrenching and makes for hellish reading. Transplanting Somalis en-masse has only perpetuated the rape crisis, and worse, made it average Americans’ problem.
Nonetheless, Catholic and Lutheran ministries have padded their pockets with fat wads of taxpayer money by dumping over 10,000 mostly Muslim Somalis in Minnesota over the last ten years, not to mention several other states. In a cruel twist of irony, one such refugee, Mohamed Dirsheraped two boys at a Kansas Catholic high school, after Catholic charities gave him a home and a job there while entrusting him with their youth.

Francisco Leitão, 48, a former resident of Lourinhã municipality known locally as 'Rei Ghob' who was in 2012 found guilty of triple homicide, now faces hundreds of charges, including the rape of minors whom he is said to have enticed to his house.

According to a charge sheet dated 20 May but which public prosecutors in Lourinhã have only now allowed journalists to consult, Leitão faces 542 rape charges, six of child pornography and another of serious threats of violence, assault and privacy intrusion.

The charges relate to events that took place between 2009 and and 18 July 2010, when Leitão was detained by the Polícia Judiciária force as a homicide suspect in an investigation into the deaths of thre young people. In 2012 he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The court found that Leitão, who worked as a scrap merchant, lived with various young people aged between 14 and 17, presenting himself as a friend who would take them out, pay for meals and drinks for them, and gave them mobile phones.
He would tell people that he had supernatural powers, staging sessions at which he purported to speak with the spirits of the dead, and performed magic tricks with light and recording equipment that frightened the young people.

"The victims were led to have an adulterated perception of reality, in which they believed and to which they subjected themselves, allowing the accused to manipulate them," the new charge sheet states.

Among other things, Leitão led his victims to believe that negative "copies" of human beings existed that were bent on their destruction. To save them and eliminate these copies, he told the young people, they would have to "attacin certain levels of energy in their body".

Once he had won them over, Leitão would take them to his house in the village of Carqueja, near Lourinhã, in Lisbon district, where they were persuaded to avoid the terrible consequences of such phenomena by allowing themselves to be subjected to "injections of energy", which, according to the charge sheet, would be transmitted from the body of the accused to that of the victim in the form of sexual relations.

For fear of the consequences, the youngsters agreed, and were then obliged to meet a "timetable of sexual practices", the charge sheet states, adding that several times Leitão also called for the youngsters to have sex between them, as he watched.

To other youngsters Leitão would give drinks with "medicines or similar substances", leaving them unconscious for periods that enabled him to physically abuse their bodies. Several times he used video cameras to film these practices, without the victims' consent.

At one point, another three people were suspected of having released the videos produced by Leitão, but public prosecutors ended up shelving that part of the investigation for lack of evidence.

Complaints were first made about the incidents in 2009, but the investigation was shelved. It was reopened after a search of Leitão's house and fresh allegations at a time when he was being investigated for the three alleged homicides.

In the meantime he was also found guilty of possessing an illegal weapon and of forgery, simulation of a crime, and receiving stolen goods.

The case is to be heard by the court of north Lisbon, in Loures.

Man convicted of triple homicide in 2012 faces 542 child rape charges TPN/ LUSA, 13-10-2016 

Twisted Robert McGregor made sick videos of the appalling abuse to share with with other vile paedophiles

The family of one of serial 
child rapist Robert McGregor’s victims are still trying to come to terms with the horror of what he 
did to their little boy.

All they can do now is care for
 the victim – and show the world the monster’s face.
Today he has been unmasked in the hope it will help reveal the full horror of his crimes.
A relative of the primary-age boy told us: “The police say there are unidentified victims, so maybe publishing his picture will bring others forward.”
McGregor planned it all.
Slowly, carefully, deviously, he wormed 
his way into the family’s trust 
until they thought it was safe to 
leave him alone with
 the child.
Then he raped the boy, just as he raped two others.
McGregor filmed rapes so he could enjoy them again later and shared video of his abuse of one victim with other paedophiles around the world.
He pleaded guilty this week to a horrific list of sex offences and could face a lifelong sentence when he returns to court in January.
The court heard boys aged three and six were among his victims.
While he was committing 
his appalling crimes, McGregor’s mask of normality never slipped.
“You could go and have a pint 
with him and be none the wiser,” 
the boy’s family member said.

But he’s just a pure animal. 
He’s a horrendous person – the decoys and angles he used to 
separate the kids from their families.
The relative described how McGregor, a 35-year-old delivery driver from Inverness, gradually 
won the family’s confidence.
“He’d come to the house for dinner and slowly but surely built up a trust,” he said.
“He’d offer to take kids down to the house just to give us a bit of a break, to help out.
“It all just seemed very, very normal, like he was just helping. 
He took them to the cinema, fishing and camping – overnight.
“We know of other families whose kids he took fishing. He was definitely grooming children – and it’s been going 
on for 15 years.”
McGregor abused children in the Inverness area for 13 years, starting in 2001.
He was caught after the National Online Child Abuse Prevention Agency learned he had been 
downloading child porn.
Police raided his home in Friars Street, Inverness. More than 2000 indecent photos and 899 videos were recovered – among them McGregor’s films of the rapes of the three boys.
McGregor had avoided showing his face, or those of the victims, in the rape videos.
But as police investigated, the identities of the boys emerged. The pervert, who had been on bail, was put back in the dock on rape charges and remanded in custody.
The relative said the boy from his family gave a statement to police about the two years of abuse he had suffered – and “stopped McGregor in his tracks”.
“He’s a smart boy,” he said. “He gave a five-hour interview to the police describing everything that went on. The police were brilliant.”
The family then had to cope with learning the full scale of McGregor’s abuse. It left them traumatised.
At the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday, McGregor admitted three charges of raping boys and 
one of sexually assaulting a child.
The court heard McGregor uploaded five videos to a peer-to-peer app which let other perverts see footage of him abusing one 
of the boys.
Police experts learned that perverts in America, Germany
and in the Czech Republic had accessed the files.
Many of the images McGregor had hoarded from the internet were in the worst category of child porn.
Prosecutor Jo McDonald
said: “Some of the images showed children who appeared to be as young as 12 months old.”

WAYNESBURG – Eric Stull sobbed and convulsed while admitting Wednesday to raping and molesting a young girl on at least 34 occasions over a decade.
Stull said he was sorry as he crouched over in his shackles and cried, apologizing to the court while pleading guilty to 34 felony counts each of child rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child and unlawful contact with a child, along with another 30 counts of corruption of minors.
“I had inappropriate contact…” Stull told the court before trailing off.
However, Greene County Assistant District Attorney Brianna Vanata found his remorse unbelievable and demanded he tell the court exactly what he did.
“Why are you crying?” Vanata said.
She then reminded him that he raped, molested and at times filmed sexual acts with the girl from the time she was a toddler and continued over the next decade before state police arrested him in April.
“I destroyed (her) innocence. I destroyed my family’s dreams,” Stull said. “You’ve seen the videos. I was wrong.”
He will be sentenced by Greene County Judge Lou Dayich at a later date. Each child rape charge carries up to 20 years in jail, meaning Stull could be imprisoned for the rest of his life.
“I will take whatever punishment I need to,” Stull told the court.
State police found 35 videos showing Stull molesting and raping the young girl between May 2006 and April 28. Investigators raided his home April 29 and troopers said they found evidence during the search that Stull was producing child pornography in his home. He shared some of the videos on the Internet through file-sharing groups, police said.
He was arrested the day of the search while driving a work vehicle in the Waynesburg area.
In June, a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh handed up a 41-count indictment against Stull on charges of production, distribution and possession of material depicting the sexual exploitation of a minor. He will appear in federal court in two weeks for manufacturing and distributing child pornography, Vanata said.
A man wanted for months for raping a child is behind bars.
Cortez Rivers was caught today by the U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force at an apartment in the 2300 block of Dwight in Memphis.  He was hiding in a closet.
On April 27th warrants were issued for Cortez Rivers by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for Rape of a Child and Aggravated Sexual Battery. 
Rivers is being held in the Shelby County Jail on $500 bond.
U.S. Marshals Task Force Arrests Alleged Child Rapist Suspect Kim Wheeler 10/12 2016

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