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Gang-Rape Party 2

A New Jersey woman has given a harrowing account of the night she fell victim to a 'gang rape' during a college fraternity party on campus.
In a federal lawsuit filed in US District Court on Friday, the woman, whose identity is concealed, describes a horrific ordeal in which partygoers played 'rock-paper-scissors' to determine who would be first in sexually assaulting her.

Others also 'laughed hysterically' while filming the rapes, the woman's lawsuit alleges, according to The Bergen Record.

The plaintiff, who was 19 years of age at the time and who is identified in court papers as 'Jane Doe', alleges that on the night of November 14, 2014, she was raped while attending a 'Date Night'-themed party thrown by members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at a Ramapo College dorm in Mahwah, New Jersey.

During the party, fraternity members provided alcohol to underage teens who were mostly female.

The frat members 'actively solicited, recruited, and persuaded random students outside of the apartment building to come to this party'.

'They were calling down to recruit guests,' the lawsuit alleges.

The victim says that after she became intoxicated and passed out, a number of those at the party took turns raping her.

The lawsuit alleges that as she laid out on a bed, fraternity members played 'rock-paper-scissors' to 'determine who would get to sexually assault her'.

The lawsuit also alleges that while the assaults took place, others stood outside the door and did not intervene.

'Incredibly, rather than helping, (the defendants) watched and celebrated the assaults,' the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe also alleges that after the assaults, she was moved 'without her shoes, underwear, and jacket' to another dorm across campus, where she was raped by others.

The lawsuit says that those present during the course of these events 'were falling-down laughing hysterically while also videotaping the sexual assault'.

In June, authorities in New Jersey indicted five people for taking part in the attack, The Bergen Record reported.

The defendants were identified as Christian Lopez, 26, of Secaucus, New Jersey; Nakeem Gardner, 20, of Paterson, New Jersey; Christopher Rainone, 20, of Staten Island, New York; Justin Sommers, who is also 20 years old and from Staten Island; and Jordyn Massood, 20, of Wayne, New Jersey.

Lopez, Gardner, Rainone, and Sommers were charged with 17 counts that included aggravated sexual assault as well as videotaping the victim while she was naked.

Rainone, Sommers, and Massood were charged with encouraging or aiding the assault.

Jane Doe's lawsuit names Ramapo College, the Pi Kappa Alpha national fraternity, and members of the college's administration.

She alleges that these entities failed to adequately protect her by neglecting to adhere to federal statutes that require colleges to prevent 'hostile educational environment for female students.'

Ramapo and the fraternity knew of the events leading up to the assault 'but did nothing to intervene or stop them from unfolding,' the lawsuit alleges.

'This includes Public Safety and security employees and representatives, including outside Campus Security staff on patrol and present in security booths and checkpoints, as well as the individual responsible for entry and exit at Mackin Hall,' the lawsuit reads.

Jane Doe is seeking compensatory damages for emotional distress.

The fraternity in question has been suspended from campus. 

Ramapo College declined to comment on the matter. 

After the incident, the college hired a former New Jersey attorney general, Anne Milgram, to conduct a review.

In her report, Milgram concluded that while the college did act properly, it needed to implement changes in its campus security and alcohol policies.

'The central challenge currently facing Ramapo is that, in practice, a campus culture has developed wherein large, alcohol-based parties are held in and around Ramapo's residence halls,' Milgram wrote in her report.

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