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Monika Ghurde was raped multiple times before she was killed

Monika Ghurde was found deadon Thursday in her three bedroom apartment in Sangolda village, around 10 km from Panaji. 

The Goa police charged perfumer Monika Ghurde’s alleged 22-year-old murderer with rape on Tuesday evening. According to police, Raj Kumar Singh confessed to have raped Monika multiple times at knife point before killing her.
“Singh entered the building premises from the back portion of the society and spent around 40 hours on the terrace waiting for the right time to make his move,” said deputy inspector general (DIG) Vimal Gupta.
Around 6.30pm on October 5, Singh knocked at her door pretending to be the security supervisor. When she opened the door, he forced himself inside and pulled a knife on her. “Singh then tied her to the bed. He robbed her off Rs 4,000 and mobile phone. He also took her ATM card and PIN number forcefully. He then showed her three pornographic films on his phone and raped her,” Gupta said, adding that Singh spent close to nine hours inside Monika’s house.
“While staying in the house for several hours, he boiled and ate eggs. He then scoured the fridge and ate chocolates and ice-cream while she was tied to the bed. He also shaved his beard,” said an officer.
“Although he has still not confessed whether he made any clips of her to blackmail her, we need to verify this. We will take help of a software expert to check his phone if he would have deleted anything from his mobile phone,” said a police official.
Singh has revealed that he single-handedly committed the crime and had no accomplice. Police arrested Singh from Bengaluru on Sunday after they tracked Ghurde’s mobile phone.

Accused raped perfumer Monika multiple times before killing her, say police 
  • Manish K Pathak, Hindustan Times, Mumbai 
  • Oct 12, 2016

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