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Protest in India over 2-year-old's rape

Udaipur: Residents of Nathdwara town in Rajsamand took to the streets on Thursday to protest against the rape of two-year-old girl on Tuesday night at Sukhadiya Nagar.

People said the accused deserved nothing less than a death penalty for the heinous act and pain he inflicted on the toddler who had not even learnt to speak properly. 
The baby was sleeping beside her grandmother in the open outside one of the municipal shops from where she was picked and taken to a terrace where the accused raped her. The victim's family is that of rag pickers from Kakamdhada village and were living temporarily outside the shops since a week.

Police arrested accused Vishal Jain on the same night. The toddler was admitted in a serious condition in the ICU of the Children's Hospital of the RNT Medical College in Udaipur. Her condition is improving.

Meanwhile, the members of bar association at Nathdwara announced not to represent the case on the accused's behalf. Udaipur Bar Association also appealed to its members not to plead for the accused.

"The matter will be taken under the case officer scheme and the challan will be produced at the earliest. We will make sure that the accused get the maximum punishment for the crime he did," VishnuKant Sharma, Rajsamand SP said.

On Thursday morning, people and volunteers of Nari Jan Kalyan Foundation came out in large numbers and collected at the Nathdwara bus stand. They protested over the escalation in crime directed at women in the area, and rose calls for stringent and swift punishment against those attacking women, specially young girls

The public demanded more police chowkies to be set up, increased night patrolling and ban of liquor sale in the town, which they said is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims everyday from far and wide.

"The incident has shamed the town which is known as Lord Shrinath ji's home and to make sure such a thing never happens, stringent measures be taken," read the memorandum of demand that was handed over to the collector.

Residents protest over toddler’s rape Geetha Sunil Pillai | Oct 27, 2016

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