sabato 19 novembre 2016

14 year old girl abducted, raped in Memphis park

A 14 year old girl was abducted late Wednesday evening from a south Memphis Park and raped. Memphis Police tell FOX13 they are investigating the sexual assault. 

The mother of the tells FOX13 the first sight of her daughter after she was missing for more than eight hours Wednesday night was unbearable.       
"The only thing she had was her bra, panties, and some socks," the mother said.
The mother and uncle of a 14 year old girl says she was abducted from Jesse Turner Park in South Memphis while on her way home from Hamilton Middle School.
"It was a guy trying to talk to her driving a black car and another guy came up behind her and threw her in the car,” the mother said.
The woman said she reported her daughter missing late yesterday evening after she didn’t arrive home at her normal time of 4:30 p.m.
The mother told FOX13 she believes the suspects are predators and want other parents to tell their children to always be vigilante.
Memphis Police confirm with me a runaway case was opened early on, but after finding the girl and hearing her story police say they are now investigating this as a sexual assault.
"I received a call at almost one o'clock in the morning from a complete stranger saying they had my daughter," the mother said.
Memphis Police declined to release specific information about the sexual assault case only telling me the case is ongoing.

Teen abducted at local park, possibly raped, her mother says Jeremy Pierre 

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