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15-year-old girl raped in hospital by liftman

INDORE: A liftman of the state-run MY Hospital in Indore was arrested on Monday for raping a 15-year-old girl from Ratlam, who was here to attend to her father receiving treatment at the medical facility. 

The victim was lured by the liftman, Sandeep, 19, to the sixth floor of the hospital and raped on the night of November 18. The next day, he took the girl to Ratlam and left her on the road, before returning to Indore. The incident came to light when the girl reached her home in Ratlam and narrated the entire episode.

The girl's father had met with an accident and was referred to MY Hospital for treatment. The girl, her mother, grandfather and some relatives had accompanied her father to the hospital, where he was being treated for last 10-12 days in a ward on 3rd floor, Sanyogitaganj police said. Sandeep, a resident of Malwa Mill area, came in contact with the girl when she moved around to get snacks and tea for her relatives. On the evening of November 18, he took the girl to the sixth floor of the building and raped her in the night, police said. As the girl went missing, her mother and grandfather raised an alarm, informing the hospital authorities and MY Hospital police check-post.

MY Hospital is an 8-storied and 1200 bed government hospital constructed in 1955. The corridors of the hospital seem labyrinthine to those unfamiliar to its structure. The family tried to search for the girl in the hospital with no avail. In the morning, Sandeep took her out of the hospital and led her to Ratlam on a bus. He moved around with her in Ratlam and abandoned her and returned home. The girl somehow reached home and informed her uncle about the incident. Her uncle took her to a police station and the matter was referred to Indore's Sanyogitaganj police.

Police sent the girl for a medical examination which confirmed the rape. Sandeep was arrested and booked for rape. MY Hospital acting superintendent Dr V S Pal told TOI that he had received information about a girl going missing from the hospital and involvement of the liftman. "An FIR was filed at Sanyogitaganj police station regarding the missing girl. If the matter has turned out to be a rape, I am not aware of it," he said. Dr Pal claimed that the lifts of the hospital are maintained by the PWD. The staff for the lifts are also outsourced by the PWD. The autonomous body of the MGM Medical College, which runs the MY Hospital, makes payment to the PWD for rendering the services. "I will be speaking to PWD about the incident and probing the matter," he said.

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