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20-year-old Melbourne woman raped, murdered in Mozambique

The family of a Melbourne woman who was killed while travelling in Africa has been told she was raped and murdered.

Elly Warren, from Mordialloc, was killed in Mozambique in south-eastern Africa on Wednesday while on a diving trip

Her distraught family believes the 20-year-old's body was found in a toilet block, although a local guest house owner said her body was found on a beach. "People said a white lady was found on the beach and then police come," the guest house owner, who didn't want to be named, said.

Ms Warren was due to return to Australia on Monday, before travelling to New Zealand with her boyfriend on Friday.

Between tears, Ms Warren's mother Nicole Cafarella told Fairfax Media that her daughter was "just one of those girls that wanted to travel the world and see everything she could before she was 30".

She said Ms Warren was travelling in Africa alone.She had spent six weeks volunteering for an eco-research company called Africa Underwater alongside marine scientists.

During that time she was staying in the company bungalows called Casa Barry at Tofo Beach in south-eastern Mozambique, a spot popular with backpackers, surfers and divers and described on travel forums as having a "pumping nightlife."

"It's a nice beach," said a local business owner. "We never have something like this before. We don't know what happened."

Ms Warren finished up with Underwater Africa on Tuesday, said the company's booking manager, Graeme, who asked that his surname not be used. She booked two nights at Wuyani Pariango backpackers, about one kilometre away. A staff member at the backpackers said she never arrived.

"We are still trying to figure out what happened," Graeme said. "We are mourning her as well. Our staff have taken a real knock. They are just young scientists and they worked closely with her." Graeme said Underwater Africa directors were helping the Warren family, and would not comment further.

Fairfax Media believes Ms Warren's body is being taken from the small hospital near Tofo Beach to Mozambique's capital of Maputo, 500 kilometres south. It's believed she had visited the area to fulfil her lifelong dream of swimming with whales.

In a Facebook post, her sister Kristy Warren, said her mother had got a call to say Ms Warren had been killed. "My sister was in Africa when my mum got a phone call from one of the backpackers saying her daughter has been murdered, as I heard that my heart dropped," she said. "It is a parents' nightmare to get a phone call like this.

"Elly was always ambitious and had so many goals to go travelling but maybe she had too many. "I want to say if you are thinking of going travelling or going overseas please be careful [about]who you go with. Rest in peace Elly, you are loved dearly."

Ms Warren's stepfather David Cafarella said the news was very raw, and they were still seeking information from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. "We can't say anything else until we find out more. We haven't got any more information from DFAT," he said.

He said that despite being only just out of her teens, Ms Warren was already a "seasoned traveller" with an "insatiable desire to help the environment and others less fortunate" than herself. "She worked several jobs when home to fund her next adventure often working 16 hours a day sleeping in the car between jobs," Mr Cafarella said.

The government's Smart Traveller website says Australians travelling to Mozambique should exercise a "high degree of caution". "Pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media about possibly new safety or security risks. Avoid travelling at night." 

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