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250 sex offenders

WINCHESTER — Roughly 250 convicted sex offenders list their addresses in the areas of the city and Frederick and Clarke counties, according to the Virginia State Police sex offender registry.

Created in 2003, the online registry became a requirement for those convicted of sex-related crimes after 1994.
The designation “sex offender” has varying levels, however, including offenders who are sexually violent (charges such as rape, abduction and aggravated sexual battery) and those convicted of sexual offenses such as carnal knowledge of a minor, possession of child pornography or solicitation of a minor.
The offenses also require various prohibitions. For example, sexually violent offenders are banned from schools during regular hours or during school-sponsored activities, or on any public or private elementary, secondary school or child day care center property.
Some offenders are prohibited from living within 500 feet of those facilities or public parks that share borders with a school or are used for school activities.
And when an offender moves inside Virginia, they are required to re-register within three days, 10 days if moving outside the state. Any changes to an email address, chat screen name or other internet electronic communication name requires offenders to notify state police within 30 minutes.
Numbers Breakdown
According to the registry, 106 offenders have listed their home addresses in the city of Winchester. In Frederick County, 125 offenders are listed; 19 in Clarke County.
But is that number high in comparison to other cities with similar populations? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Winchester’s estimated 2015 population was 26,203, roughly 2,000 fewer residents than Fredericksburg, where 45 sex offenders are registered.
While the census estimated Frederick County’s 2015 population at 83,199, its 125 offenders is slightly lower than that of Augusta County, where 157 offenders are registered in the county of roughly 73,314.
Clarke County’s 19 offenders also is low for its population of 14,363 in comparison to Appomattox County, where 44 offenders are registered in a population of 15,414.
Notorious cases

Area offenders with lengthy records include 22-year-old Mitchell Statler Brown, who was convicted in 2010 in Hampton Circuit Court of seven counts each of rape and incest, according to court records.
Larry William Bryant, 66, was convicted in 1990 in Frederick County Circuit Court of 14 counts of forcible sodomy.
Steven Levi Bauserman, 64, was convicted in 2000 in Roanoke Circuit Court of rape and abduction for immoral purposes.
Douglas Edward Kelly, 58, was convicted in Frederick County Circuit Court in 2009 of producing, distributing or financing child pornography and two counts of possession of child pornography.
Wanted offenders
According to the registry, state police are looking for 51-year-old Edouard Scott Torres, who failed to re-register. According to court records, Torres was convicted of rape in 1984 and failing to re-register in 2000 in Winchester Circuit Court.
Torres is estimated to stand at 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs about 185 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with information about Torres’s whereabouts are asked to call state police at 540-662-3313.

250 sex offenders listed in area 
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