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4-month-old baby raped by 38-year-old man in Namibia

A FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby was admitted to the Mariental State Hospital after being raped at her parents' house by a 38-year-old suspect.
This most horrifying rape incident took place at the Hoachanas settlement, 50 kilometres east of Kalkrand, last week. 

Police chief inspector Job Mouton said they arrested the suspect, whose name cannot be disclosed to protect the identity of the baby girl, shortly after the infant's mother reported the incident. 

He said the infant is still in hospital, while describing her health condition as stable. 

“She is out of danger. She was transferred to Windhoek for medical treatment. We were informed that she is now back at the Mariental State Hospital, and is expected to be released soon,” said Mouton. 

The police officer said the suspect raped the girl while out on bail on two other rape charges, when he went to sleep in the house of the infant's parents after they were drinking at a local shebeen at Hoachanas. 

He was remanded in custody, and is expected to return to court on 28 November. 

During the early morning hours, Mouton said, the father heard the baby cry, and woke his wife up to check on her. 

When she went to see why the baby was crying, the mother found that the baby's nappy was removed, and on close inspection also noticed bleeding from her private parts. 

The infant's mother went back to sleep after she had cleaned the blood on the baby's private parts, and only reported the rape to the police the next morning, Mouton added. 

The senior cop has urged magistrate's courts not to grant bail to alleged rapists, especially those involved in child rape cases

“Yes, we know they (suspects) have rights too, and are innocent until proven guilty. Despite this, we're trying our utmost best to keep them behind bars, but they are being granted bail in magistrate's courts after enlisting lawyers,” said Mouton.

4-month-old baby raped at Hoachanas News - National | 2016-11-21

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