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POLICE believe that there could be more victims who were sexually abused by a child rapist with links to Gloucestershire.

Lorry driver Adam Aitken, 28, of Kinnears Walk, Orton Goldhay, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment at Peterborough Crown Court today (October 28) after previously pleading guilty to six serious sexual offences against children.
The court heard how Aitken carried out sexual abuse, including rape, on his young male victims dating back to 2008.
Senior investigating officer from Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s Public Protection Department, Detective Chief Inspector Jon McAdam, said: “Given the level of offending shown by Aitken, it is anticipated there could be other victims.
"We believe he had links to the Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Surrey, West Yorkshire and Scotland areas.
“We have specially trained officers available to anyone would like to discuss their individual case, please call the Operation Dunholt team at Cambridgeshire Constabulary on 101.”
Aitken was also put on the Sex Offenders Register and made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Police anticipate there could be more victims who were abused by child rapist with links to Gloucestershire Ann Yip Oct 29 2016

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office investigators arrested an Avondale man accused of repeatedly raping a young girl and sometimes recording the act with a cellphone. Dareian High, 20, of 67 Nicholle Drive, was booked Wednesday (Oct. 26) with first-degree rape, an arrest report said.
The victim, a 13-year-old girl, told authorities the abuse began when she was about 9 years old. High is accused of raping her on several different occasions.
High used a cellphone to record the some of the encounters and threatened to show others the videos if the girl ever told anyone about the sexual abuse, according to the arrest report.
Investigators took High into custody Wednesday and questioned him. He admitted sexual encounters with the girl and told detectives he showed her pornography, the report said.
High was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. He was being held there Thursday without bond.
The Billings man found guilty in July of raping and molesting a pair of young girls argues that he deserves a new trial because a spectator at his trial influenced once victim’s testimony with head nodding.
Yellowstone County Judge Michael Moses is set to rule Friday on whether to grant Edward Keyes’ request for a new trial.
Keyes, 34, was found guilty at trial of all four felony charges against him for the sexual abuse of two girls, ages 11 and 12.
Both girls testified at trial about the abuse.
According to court documents filed by the defense, a woman who knew the young victim nodded her head at the victim in a suggestive way as she testified.
An affidavit supporting this claim was filed by the defendant’s father, Randy Keyes, who was also present at the hearing.
The older victim testified first about how she had been abused and shown pornography.
After the older victim testified, Randy Keyes was chastised by the judge for shaking his head as the girl testified, according to court documents.
The bailiff had communicated the issue to the judge and the issue of witness tampering arose.
Randy Keyes agreed to sit out of sight of the witnesses for the remainder of the trial.
The younger girl then took the stand but had to leave the courtroom temporarily before she was comfortable testifying again.
When the girl returned, “several women also came in and sat down in the spectator section,” according to court documents.
One of the women, who had a connection with the victim, allegedly shook her head in ways that would have influenced the victim as she testified.
Prosecutors filed documents in opposition to the request for a new trial.
Yellowstone County Deputy Attorney Mary Barry said that the defense should have brought up the concern during trial, instead of waiting until after the trial concluded to make the complaint.
Barry also argued that Randy Keyes conspired with his son to intimidate the older victim with his head shaking, but noted that the issue had been brought to the judge’s attention during trial.
“The defendant has not presented any evidence that this woman’s actions affected how the jury viewed the evidence in this case, nor has he presented any evidence that the jury actually saw this woman’s actions,” said Barry in her response.
Barry said the judge heard the arguments on a new trial Thursday and indicated he would rule on the issue Friday.
Keyes testified at trial that the girls were making up the abuse.
Keyes has yet to be sentenced.

An Oak Harbor man described in court as “a serial child rapist” was sentenced to prison Friday.
Rafael Bowzer preyed on minor girls in Oak Harbor for years, court documents indicate. The Department of Corrections reported “unconfirmed reports” that he may have been involved with “up to 53 or more” underage girls and may have impregnated one girl.
The victims were as young as 14 years old, according to the pre-sentence investigation report by the Department of Corrections.
Bowzer, 23, pleaded guilty to four counts of rape of a child in the third degree and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.
The judge sentenced him to five years in prison, which is the top of the sentencing range.
Bowzer previously worked as “a grade school monitor” in Massachusetts.
Detectives started looking into Bowzer after the father of a teenage girl reported that she and her 15-year-old friend were leaving in a car with him. The police stopped them and questioned why he was hanging out with underage girls.
Later, the police analyzed the younger girl’s phone and found Bowzer had sent her sexually suggestive texts.
Detectives contacted Bowzer and he admitted that he had sex with a series of underage girls, according to the police report.

Serial child rapist’ sentenced to 5 years  JESSIE STENSLAND Oct 29, 2016

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