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A CHILD rapist already behind bars for a string of offences has been sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges of rape against a girl, beginning from when she was just six years old.
Christopher Bryant, who was jailed for 19 years in 2015, was brought before Salisbury Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to the charge of multiple rapes against the youngster between 1996 and 2001. The earliest allegation dates from July 1996, when Bryant became a 10-year-old, the age of criminal responsibility.
Bryant, 29, who used to live in Blunsdon, pleaded not guilty to five counts of rape and three of indecent assault when he appeared by video link at Swindon Crown Court in July, but entered a guilty plea when he appeared in the dock at Salisbury on Monday.
He was jailed for eight years - but this will be served concurrently with his existing term imposed last summer, when he was convicted of three counts of rape of a child under 13, two sexual assaults of a child under 13 and causing a child to watch a sexual act, all of which he denied.
A jury of seven men and five women took less than two hours to find him guilty of the offences, which took place between December 2011 and spring 2014.
Bryant will have to serve two thirds of the jail term before he can apply for parole and will only be freed when he is thought to no longer present a risk. He will also be on licence for an extra three years after a judge ruled he presented a significant risk of serious harm in the future.
Following his sentencing, an NSPCC spokesman said: “Bryant is a serial sex offender, responsible for dozens of horrendous attacks over many years.
"His defenceless victims were children, aged as young as three. Among his unspeakable crimes were a string of rapes and sexual assaults, alongside a campaign of systematic grooming.
“His victims must be praised for their enormous bravery in speaking out. Thanks to their actions, Bryant is now behind bars where he cannot hurt any other children.
Sexual abuse can ruin childhoods and affect individuals into adulthood, so it’s vital anyone affected can access the support they need rather than suffer in silence, as sadly so many do.
"ChildLine, 0800 1111, is available 24/7 to offer confidential advice. Meanwhile, adults concerned about a child’s welfare can call our helpline on 0808 800 5000.”

Another prison sentence for jailed child rapist 15/11/2016

Public outrage at a member of the 'Evil 8' being released on bail after admitting his role in one of WA's worst paedophile rings has led to tougher laws being introduced in WA.
Ryan Trevor Clegg pleaded guilty on August 4 to 61 sexual abuse charges against a 12-year-old girl who was raped and pimped out to other men by her father.
Despite his conviction, Clegg was granted bail to await his sentencing seven weeks later, but public outrage that the 43-year-old had been bailed to live "a few doors down" from a child care centre led to him being taken into custody on August 15.
He remains behind bars awaiting his sentencing on January 31.
The child rapist was omitted from the public sex offender register, as the register - which allows people to be aware of convicted sex offenders living in their suburb - only applies to paedophiles who have already been sentenced and not those who have either pleaded or have been found guilty. 
Attorney General Michael Mischin, in response to the community anger, announced the state government would reintroduce a condition of the Bail Act which would prevent serious convicted sex offenders being granted bail while awaiting sentencing.
The law was passed on Thursday and will also apply to people convicted of murder, attempted murder, assault, robbery, abduction and threatening behaviour.
Mr Mischin conceded while announcing the changes that Clegg being released into the community, given the serious nature of his offences, was unacceptable.  
"Community safety and the protection of our children is of paramount importance to this Government," he said.
"It was unacceptable that an offender of this type was living so close to a childcare centre and a school, and work began immediately to correct the law to ensure it did not occur again.
"Under the proposed changes, judicial officers in their bail deliberations will have to consider whether it is likely an offender will receive a non-custodial sentence, and whether there were any exceptional circumstances to justify why the accused should not be kept in jail."
Clegg admitted to sexually penetrating a girl four times, indecently dealing with her five times and indecently recording her 48 times.
The girl, aged between 11 and 13 years old at the time, was raped and pimped out by her own father to numerous men, dubbed the 'Evil 8', in one of the worst cases of child sex abuse the state has seen. 
The abused girl's father, who cannot be identified to protect her identity, was in June sentenced to 22 years in jail for orchestrating the paedophile ring. 
Five other men in the group are serving jail sentences while Clegg awaits his sentence in custody.
Troy Phillip Milbourne was sentenced to five years and three months behind bars on Thursday over sex counts of sexual abuse against the girl in 2014.  
Another man charged in relation to the paedophile ring, John Impicciatore, has been remanded in custody but it yet to plead to the charges.

Child rapist pimp laughed as he recorded violent attacks: 13 years in prison DEBBIE L. SKLAR 

The kidnapping and rape of an 11-year-old girl who was abducted as she walked home in Santa Ana in 1999 has been solved thanks to DNA evidence, police say.
Earlier this year, cold-case detectives submitted DNA samples that were collected during the initial investigation to the Orange County Crime Lab in hopes of finding matches.
One of the samples matched DNA from Ismael Salgado, 36, a former Santa Ana resident who had recently moved to Chicago, police said in a statement. The second DNA sample didn’t have a match in the county’s criminal database.
But after searching Salgado’s background, authorities began tracking Jose Plascencia, 36, an associate of Salgado’s who once lived in Santa Ana but had since moved to a Phoenix suburb in Arizona, police said.
When Arizona investigators following Plascencia saw him throw away a plastic water bottle he had been drinking from, they retrieved the bottle and submitted it for DNA analysis, police said.
The sample came back as a match for the second sample collected in the girl’s assault, police said. Both Salgado and Plascencia were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping to commit a sex offense and forcible rape and are being held on $1-million bail each.
Detectives allege that on Feb. 3, 1999, the men drove alongside the 11-year-old victim and her friend near Jerome Park and pulled the girls into their car. Though the friend managed to escape, the men held the 11-year-old while they went to a gas station to refuel their van, police said.
Security video from the station shows one suspect filling up the van as the other man covered the girl’s mouth with his hand, police said. The girl said the men then drove to a park and raped her, then drove to a second park and did it again, police said.
Salgado and Plascencia eventually released the girl, who reported the attack, police said in a statement. Authorities said they had little information to go on about the assailants until they matched the DNA samples.

11-year-old girl's kidnapping and rape solved by DNA from a discarded water bottle, police say Joseph Serna Nov 18 2016

Life sentence for serial child rapist 17 novembre 2016

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