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Man sentenced for sexual assault of a 73-year-old woman

BUTLER COUNTY A Colerain Twp. man was sentenced to 35 years in prison today for sexual assault and robbery of a West Chester Twp. woman in May.

Camron Wohl, 26, entered guilty pleas in August to three counts of rape, aggravated burglary and kidnapping. He faces a maximum of 52 years in prison.

Wohl forced a 73-year-old woman into her Tylersville Road home on May 31 after asking her for pain medication then assaulting and robbing her. He was arrested three days later in Carrollton, Ky., just hours after police signed warrants for his arrest.
The victim and her family were in court for the sentencing. Butler County Assistant Prosecutor David Kash read a short statement from the victim before sentencing. In that statement, the woman said her life would never be the same.
After the sentencing, the victim hugged supporters and said, “I am just glad it is over. And hopefully I can move on with my life.”
Wohl told Butler County Judge Greg Stephens that he had planned to read a statement in court, but “it seemed very insignificant.”
“I would like to say I am sorry to the victim and the family,” Wohl said. “I understand that sorry is just a word. (Nothing) would ever begin to make up for the hurt and pain I have caused the victim and the family.”
Stephens read a pre-trial report in which Wohl said he saw the victim before he got out of his vehicle and decided to rob her then.
“Then I guess I thought it would be cool to rape her,” Wohl said in the pre-trial report.
Wohl was also classified as a Tier III sexual offender, meaning if he is released from prison he will have to register his residence with the sheriff every 90 days for the rest of his life.
“You are the prototypical person that everybody needs to know where you are at,” Stephens said.
At the time of the crime, Wohl had a wife and children. A woman sobbed in the courtroom during the sentencing. When Wohl was led away by a deputy, a man yelled, “we love you, Camron.”
To gain access to the victim, West Chester police said Wohl told her that repairs were needed on her roof. When she told him she wasn’t interested, he grabbed her around the throat, pulled out a knife and forced her inside her home, where he sexually assaulted her, police said.

Man sentenced in rape of elderly West Chester woman 
  • Lauren Pack
  •   Nov. 7, 2016

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